Ed Sheeran’s Wife Reveals Brave Battle With Cancer: An Inspiring Update!!

ed sheeran wife cancer
ed sheeran wife cancer

Ed Sheeran, an English singer-songwriter, secretly wed Cherry Seaborn, a friend from their youth, in 2018. Lyra, their first daughter, was born in 2020, and Jupiter, their second daughter, was born in 2022.

They had their second kid in 2022, but there was also some unpleasant news. Jupiter was Cherry’s first child when she discovered she had cancer. Here are the details about Cherry’s diagnosis and current condition.

What Kind of Cancer Was Found in Ed Sheeran’s Wife?

In February 2022, Cherry learned that physicians had discovered a growth in her arm and that she had cancer while expecting her second daughter Jupiter.

Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All, a Disney Plus documentary, opened the doors to his personal life in May 2023. In a rare appearance in the show, Cherry appeared with her husband to tell her experience and explain why she thought it was necessary to share it in public.

She said in the document-

“I got diagnosed with cancer at the start of [2022] which was a massive s—ter. It made me massively reflect on our mortality. I would never agree to do anything like this but it made me think, ‘Oh if I died, what’s people’s perception of me? What do you leave behind?'”

The adoring mother remarked-

“For Ed, the whole point is he wants to say to people, ‘I’m not just this music machine. I’m not just this robot that tries to get No. 1. I’m a father, I’m a son, I’m a friend.’ It wasn’t until this year when I was like, ‘I might die.'”

To deal with the anguish he felt for Cherry, Ed, who frequently writes songs from personal events, said he wrote seven songs in four hours.

His May 2023 album “Subtract” is thought to be a reflection of his thoughts on her cancer diagnosis as well as the sudden deaths of several of his close friends, including Jamal Edwards.

ed sheeran wife cancer

There has been a lot of sad news concerning famous celebrities’ illnesses. Would you like to read them? 

Is Ed Sheeran’s Wife, Cherry Seaborn, Still Suffering From Cancer?

The U.S. Sun reported in March 2023 that Cherry was “on the mend” following surgery to remove the tumor.

Although the tumor was thought to be removed, whether she is in remission is unknown. Cherry’s treatment was postponed because she was expecting a child at the time of her cancer diagnosis.

A source who spoke anonymously said-

“The tumor came as a huge shock, and the fact they couldn’t operate straight away was hugely concerning and scary.” But since Jupiter was born, “Cherry has now received the treatment needed and is recovering well.”

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