Terry Crews’ Wife Rebecca’s Illness: He Encourages Her for Health Battle

terry crews wife illness
terry crews wife illness

Terry Crews, actor and “America’s Got Talent” host, and his wife Rebecca are in it for the long run. Rebecca can take comfort in knowing she has a caring husband as she faces another health worry. Rebecca is respected for her dedication to her family and her faith. The actress, singer, and cancer survivor frequently leads prayer sessions with her followers but recently had to postpone one to concentrate on her health.

In a recent Instagram video, which we have provided to you below, she announced-

“II just wanted to let you know that I’m going to skip Monday night prayer tonight. Just pray for me. I am having A CT scan of my heart tomorrow because when I did my physical… my doctor thought he saw something looked a little funny on my stress test.”

Rebecca said it was “a privilege” to pray with her “family of God,” but she and Terry needed a “lay low kinda evening.”

She added-

“I’m going to be with my husband tonight, and we have, you know, just catching up because he’s been working like crazy. And so I hate to not be with you all, but I really feel like the Lord said it’s fine and to go ahead and take the night off.”

Rebecca continues, perhaps alluding to her prior struggle with breast cancer, by asserting that her faith has sustained her through many challenges thus far, and she is confident it won’t fail her now.

She declared-

“I believe that Jesus heals, and that I have not only had many wonderful healings in my lifetime, I’m standing for some more ’cause you know long as you live you have to stand. I’m standing and declaring good health – great health… but just wanted you to know I’m gonna handle some business with family tonight.”

“I love you guys.”

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Terry Crews Supported Rebecca Crews as She Battled Cancer

terry crews wife illness

Rebecca Crews deserves praise for taking time off to relax with her husband, Terry Crews. However, this is not the first time we have witnessed the two helping one another through difficulties in life.

Following a mammography and ultrasound in January 2020, Rebecca was diagnosed with breast cancer. Terry recalled being amazed by his wife’s bravery on the day she told him about her diagnosis.

According to Terry-

“I actually had a mild panic attack. The only way I can describe it, I felt like my insides were melting.”

“But Rebecca’s strength was so amazing.”

Terry realized he had to take action and lend his wife all support he could when he saw her ready to battle. At that point, he began to view the diagnosis differently.

Terry stated-

“My wife and I have been through a lot of things. We’ve lost homes; we’ve lost children before — things that would have taken a lot of people out — and we survived them all.”

“I looked at it like an opportunity. This is what love is. When you look at the marriage vows it’s not when everything’s great. This is where the rubber meets the road.”

Rebecca’s double mastectomy was a success and she is still cancer-free today. Before the anniversary of her cancer diagnosis, she previously said

“I am thankful to be alive. I’m still cancer-free, and an oncologist keeps checking on me. I continue to be monitored by an oncologist and I’m still cancer-free.”

“As a survivor, and one who is so because of early detection, I encourage women everywhere to get themselves tested regularly, because early detection saves lives.”

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