15-Year-Old Arrested For Stabbing His Mom’s Boyfriend!

15-Year-Old Arrested For Stabbing His Mom's Boyfriend
15-Year-Old Arrested For Stabbing His Mom's Boyfriend

Recently, a 15-year-old was arrested for a serious crime: stabbing his mom’s boyfriend. This article dives into what happened and why, aiming to shed light on this troubling event. Join us as we uncover the details, trying to understand what led to this shocking incident and its impact on those involved.

15-Year-Old Arrested For Stabbing His Mom’s Boyfriend At Tulsa Apartment

According to Tulsa police, a 15-year-old boy killed his mother’s boyfriend by stabbing him. Rashaun Jackson, 29, was stabbed in the chest at an apartment complex at 17th and Memorial on Saturday morning, according to Tulsa Police.

According to Tulsa Police Captain Richard Meulenberg, “A woman comes home with her boyfriend to the apartment, and some type of argument started between the two, and the argument got heated and this woman’s fifteen-year-old son got involved.”

Meulenberg claims that after that, there was pushing and shoving, an argument between Jackson and the youngster, and the boy had taken hold of a knife.

Meulenberg said, “At that time the 15-year-old took his knife and stabbed him, and stabbed him in such a way it ended up killing him.”

Meulenberg claims the youngster provided precise facts about what happened to the police.

15-Year-Old Arrested For Stabbing His Mom's Boyfriend At Tulsa Apartment
15-Year-Old Arrested For Stabbing His Mom’s Boyfriend At Tulsa Apartment

He said, “The mother didn’t really know what happened, didn’t really know anything, when we got down to talking to the 15-year-old, he gave us very specific details about what happened, he told us what happened that night, he even told us he threw the knife up on the roof of the building.”

According to Meulenberg, such acts of aggression are frequently irrational, with tragic results. He said, “It’s unfortunate that someone lost their life, it’s unfortunate that we now have a 15-year-old in custody for murder, so this is still going to go to trial, and more things will come out but right now detectives and Tulsa County have charged this 15-year-old with murder.”

According to Captain Meulenberg, the District Attorney’s officer will decide whether to file the 15-year-old as a juvenile offender. His name will be made public if that is the case.

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