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The Current is a 21st – century media organisation that keeps its readers up to date on the most recent news items from the States and around the world. Entertainment, Television News, Shows Premiere Date, Launch Date, Celeb Gossips, and Travel – We keep our readers up to date on everything happening around the world.

We are devoted to bringing you the most trusted news, which contains intriguing news about science, sports, entertainment, online gaming, travel, and other topics. With The Current, you can be certain that the analysis we provide for you is the result of extensive and dedicated research work, which is sufficient to provide you with the greatest decision-making experiences.

We, the Daily Research Report staff, are huge fans of news and media. We enjoy discussing and hearing about everything, including entertainment news, sports news, lifestyle news, and other topics. We are a group of fun-loving young women and men who spend the majority of our time playing games and researching market advancements. We have a wide range of taste buds. As a result, whether it’s games, applications, software, or devices, we grab whatever we can get our hands on. That is not the end of our efforts; we also share our true experiences with you on our website.

Meet our team members!

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Lisa Fuson

Lisa has been covering Netflix since 2014, and has spent up to 10 years covering the comings and goings of the Streaming library. Currently resides in the United Kingdom. Outer Banks, Ozark, Black, and On My Block, and Stranger Things are among my favourite Netflix series.

Contact her on: lisa@theonline-current.com

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Alex Hoffman

Alex joined The Current in 2019 and now works as one of the site’s main writers. Alex covers all Netflix movies and TV shows, but he specialises on anime and K-dramas. Currently resides in Great Britain.

Contact him on: Alex@theonline-current.com

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Devanny and Lisa co-founded The Current in 2014 after working in a publication for both the skiing and scuba diving industries. Devanny has a passion for older films and cult classics, which @shows in his features and best movies list. Devanny is also in charge of the primary database for The Current, which drives the A-Z library. Devanny lives in Norwich, England.

Contact her on: devanny@theonline-current.com

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Maria Gaspar

Maria is a Ireland-based freelance writer. She has over seven years of expertise managing corporate blogs, social media, and public relations efforts. She has a degree in English Literature from the University of England and has studied journalism with the National Council of Teachers of Journalism. Maria runs her own reading club in her spare Devanny and tells people she’s working on a novel. She usually only watches soaps and dramas on Netflix.

Contact her on: maria@theonline-current.com


Marietta Pappa

Marietta works as a freelance media consultant. She has a background in television, where she was responsible for developing content distribution methods for children’s intellectual property that aided in the success of businesses such as consumer items, publishing, and gaming.

Contact her on: Marietta@theonline-current.com