A Pregnant Mother And Her Infant Were Found Dead In Arkansas, Married Couple Were Arrested!

A Pregnant Mother And Her Infant Were Found Dead In Arkansas, Married Couple Were Arrested!
A Pregnant Mother And Her Infant Were Found Dead In Arkansas, Married Couple Were Arrested!

On Thursday, authorities announced that the bodies of a pregnant woman from Arkansas and her 31-week-old unborn child had been discovered in southern Missouri. As of her 31st week of pregnancy, Ashley Bush, 33, was considered full-term. It was a girl, and she was given the name Valkyrie Grace Willis.

A Pregnant Mother And Her Infant Were Found Dead In Arkansas, Married Couple Were Arrested!

Both Bush and her daughter were discovered dead, albeit in different places. On Wednesday, the infant was discovered, and on Thursday, Bush was located. Bush was a married man with three children (ages 8, 7, and 2) and a long history of happy marriages.

Bush’s fiance, Josh Willis, has spoken out about his devastation at the news and his efforts to remain strong for their kid.

“This is just a reminder that it is evil in the world,” Nathan Smith, the county prosecutor, said. “It’s human nature to be bad. It’s unfathomable that someone would take advantage of a pregnant woman when she is at her weakest, yet such is the reality of our world.”


Arkansas woman and her baby found dead

Amber Waterman and Jamie Waterman, a married couple from Jane, Missouri, have been arrested on kidnapping allegations. When asked about a possible motivation, police said it was too soon to tell. According to Benton County prosecutor Nathan Smith, Bush was likely killed by a bullet.

According to Smith, if you murder a pregnant lady in Arkansas, you will be charged with double murder. Homicide charges have not yet been filed since it is unclear where Bush and her infant were slain.

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On the afternoon of Monday, October 31 near the junction of Highways 72 and 43 in Maysville, Ashley Bush was last seen riding as a passenger in an older model tan pickup truck. The truck’s driver was a white woman in her forties with brown hair that reached her shoulders.

When Bush met “Lucy” online, she was on the hunt for a remote job. Bush was picked up by “Lucy” from the Maysville Handi-Mart and driven to her Bentonville interview. Amber Watterman, not “Lucy,” was revealed to be the real suspect by law police.

About three o’clock in the afternoon, Bush contacted her ride to let them know she was in Gravette and heading back to Handi-Mart for pickup. They reached the crossroads by the Handi-Mart, but instead of going into the parking lot, Bush proceeded north on HWY 43.

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Authorities have not yet been able to provide a detailed timeline of the kidnappings and murders because their investigation is still ongoing

Married couple arrested after pregnant Arkansas woman and her fetus are  found dead in different locations

Police officials emphasized that they were still gathering information and conducting the investigation. There’s involvement from the FBI and state governments in two states.

Bush’s fiance Josh Willis released the following statement: “The whole thing has made me feel sick to my stomach. If only Ashley and Valkyrie were still here with us, it would be perfect. I find it hard to accept that such people actually exist.

She was a doting mom, a devoted wife, and a friendly, generous human being. Nothing that happened to them was fair. Here are three extraordinary young people who have recently lost their mother, best friend, and youngest sibling.

My wife and baby girl passed away recently. We are all upset by this, but we will help each other through it. There was a collective expectation that they would return home unharmed. My faith in people has completely eroded. The collective effort is greatly appreciated.”

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