During A Rally, The Former Prime Minister Of Pakistan Was Shot And Got Injured!

During a protest march in Pakistan’s Punjab province on Thursday, the container-mounted truck in which former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan was riding was shot at by unknown assailants, according to media reports. Wazirabad is a town in the Punjab region, and the incident took place close to its main intersection (Allahwala Chowk).

During A Rally, The Former Prime Minister Of Pakistan Was Shot And Got Injured!

I just wanted to kill Imran Khan', reveals the arrested attacker - The Post  Reader

The 70-year-old Imran Khan, as seen on Geo TV, took a bullet to the right leg. The news outlet reported that he had been taken to a hospital and was now safe.

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Khan was declared safe by ARY News, which is seen as a mouthpiece for Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf party. Senior party leader Asad Umar said on ARY News that a bullet had struck Khan in the leg. He reported that six people were hurt in the attack, two of them seriously. Among them was the respected local leader Ahmad Chatha.

“Road transport has been arranged to bring Khan to Lahore. An injury from a bullet, though serious, has not put him in grave danger “Umar continued by saying that Khan’s critic could not foresee Pakistan’s transformation.

But He Held No One Responsible For The Assault In His Mind!

According to Geo TV, a gunman opened fire on the container-mounted truck that was transporting the former prime minister. According to the report, one person was detained at the scene and transported by police to an undisclosed location.

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At first, it was thought that Khan was unharmed, though many others were hurt. However, it was revealed later that Khan was hurt as well during the assault. According to reports, Senator Faisal Javed, who is close to Khan, was also hurt in the attack.

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