Nuclear Attack On US Or Allies Would Terminate Kim’s Dictatorship!

United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin warned Thursday that North Korea could “result at the end of the Kim regime” if it launched a nuclear attack against the United States or its allies.

Nuclear Attack On US Or Allies Would Terminate Kim’s Dictatorship!

Recently, Pyongyang, under Kim Jong-leadership, un’s has conducted a series of missile tests. The South Korean military speculated on Thursday that a test of an ICBM may have failed. This launch was deemed “outrageous and absolutely intolerable” by Japan.

Austin met with South Korean defense minister Lee Jong-sup and reportedly warned that North Korea would face the end of the Kim regime if it launched a nuclear attack against the United States or its allies and partners, even if it only used non-strategic nuclear weapons.

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The recently unveiled US National Defense Strategy contains comparable language

US Warns North Korea: Nuclear Attack Will End Kim Regime – The Diplomat

A quote from that document reads as follows: “Our strategy for North Korea recognizes the threat posed by its nuclear, chemical, missile, and conventional capabilities, and in particular the need to make clear to the Kim regime the dire consequences should it use nuclear weapons…” If the Kim regime were to use nuclear weapons, it would be doomed immediately.

Austin, the first African American secretary of defense and a retired US army general appeared with Lee before the press at the Pentagon. Austin remarked, “Minister Lee and I had a fantastic conversation today.” Our alliance is unbreakable, and we discussed the DPRK’s (North Korea) continued provocations and destabilizing actions.

The United States is still totally dedicated to [South Korea’s] defense. We have a full spectrum of nuclear, conventional, and missile defense capabilities as part of our firm commitment to extended deterrence.

According to him, the two countries intend to resume their massive military drills on the peninsula. After four years of Donald Trump placing unprecedented strain on relations between Seoul and Washington, with the president saying he wanted South Korea to pay for US military assistance that has been in place since the Korean war of 1950-53, the Biden administration has taken such measures.

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Trump, whose casual approach to nuclear policy has been widely documented, has repeatedly convened with Kim, staging high-profile summits that have achieved little of substance.

When asked about the alliance’s continued efforts to strengthen security and stability on the Korean peninsula and throughout the Indo-Pacific, Austin said at the Pentagon that the United States was “committed to building on on [the Biden administration’s] efforts to strengthen integrated deterrence.”

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