The False Allegation That Paul Pelosi Knew The House Invader!

The False Allegation That Paul Pelosi Knew The House Invader!
The False Allegation That Paul Pelosi Knew The House Invader!

Paul Pelosi allegedly ‘known his attacker,’ with the hammer used in the brutal attack that took place at his house in San Francisco on the morning of October 28. David DePape, 42, has been named as the suspect by authorities. However, there is a notion making the rounds on social media that Pelosi knew DePape before to the incident.

The False Allegation That Paul Pelosi Knew The House Invader!

On October 30, conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza tweeted, “Paul Pelosi KNEW his attacker and NAMED him in his 911 call.” This crucial fact is being buried in the media. If you listen to the call, you’ll hear it for yourself. It’s clear that we’re not receiving the whole story. Over 80,000 people liked D’Souza’s tweet, and screenshots of it were widely shared throughout social media.

However, that is not true

A spokesperson for the San Francisco Police Department says that Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, did not know his accused assailant.

The federal criminal complaint and news articles state that during the 911 call, Paul Pelosi informed San Francisco dispatchers that he didn’t know the man at his home and that the suspect had identified himself as David.

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San Francisco Police Department spokesperson Kathryn Winters told USA TODAY via email that Paul Pelosi did not know DePape. Similarly, San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins stated during a press conference on October 31 that “nothing to suggest that these two males knew each other previous to this encounter,” as reported by the Associated Press.

A federal criminal complaint against DePape alleges that on October 28 at 2:23 a.m., Paul Pelosi contacted 911 to report that he had a man he didn’t know in his house. He added that the suspect gave his name as “David” when he was questioned.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a 911 operator relayed to responding law enforcement officials that the caller “said that he doesn’t know who the male is,” and that DePape had informed Paul Pelosi that his name was David and that he was a buddy.

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Paul Pelosi reportedly informed authorities that a man he had never seen before entered his bedroom while he was sleeping, according to a press statement issued by the Justice Department. After entering a not-guilty plea, DePape is still behind bars. The assertion was also disproved by PolitiFact.

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