Ice Beanie Net Worth 2023, Shark Tank Update, Owner, Migraine Relief & Much More

Ice Beanie Shark Tank Net Worth

Ice Beanie is a beanie/cap-like product that is very useful and helpful for debilitating chronic migraines. It is a drug-free, proven way that uses cold therapy to reduce inflammation, swelling, headache, and migraine pain.

Ice Beanie’s Net Worth 2023

Ice Beanie is a cold therapy method that has been shown to relieve headaches and migraine pain without using drugs. Ice Beanie is thought to have a net worth of $600,000 as of 2023.

What’s New with the Ice Beanie?

Shark Tank, the 12th episode of season 12, features Ice Beanie. After the show Ice Beanie came out, demand for it went through the roof. You can also buy it on Amazon, which sells out quickly.

Ice Beanie is also sold on its main website. There are many ways to buy it: one pack costs $39.95, two packs cost $71.61, and four packs cost $127.84.

Ice Beanie has more than 2,400 friends and more than 1,200 posts on Instagram. The product is becoming more famous and useful for its customers.

IceBeanie seems to be a hit because it keeps getting 5-star reviews on Amazon, even from people who only wear it to keep warm. It has a grade of four and a half stars on Amazon.

Ice Beanie Owner

Nic Lamb, an entrepreneur, came up with the idea for Ice Beanie. Nic Lamb has been surfing since he was five years old, and since he was nine, he has joined different competitions. In 2016, he hurt his head and got a headache after that. He puts an ice pack on his back to help it heal from the shock and migration. All of the things that happen to him give him the idea for Ice Beanie.

Ice Beanie Migraine Relief

Ice Beanie is a cap-like product that is very useful and helpful for debilitating chronic migraines. It is a drug-free, proven way that uses cold therapy to reduce inflammation, swelling, headache, and migraine pain. The main goal of Ice Beanie is to ease migraine pain.

Can Ice Beanie be found on Amazon?

Yes, Ice Beanies can be bought on Amazon and a number of other online stores. Right now, the price of the hat is around $49.99.

You can buy the goods from Ice Beanies’ official website to get the best price.

Ice Beanie Quick Info

Idea All-natural compression cold therapy for headaches  and migraines
Founders Nic Lamb
Asked For $50,000for 20% equity
Accepted Deal $50,000 for 25% equity
Sharks Mark Cuban
Business status In business
Episode No. Season 12, Episode 13
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Ice Beanie Shark Tank Pitch

Nic Lamb, who started Ice Beanie, went on “Shark Tank” and asked for a $50,000 investment in exchange for 20% of the business, which was worth $250,000 at the time.

During his presentation, Lamb talked about his past as a surfer and showed a video of himself getting a concussion after falling off a wave.

Lamb brought Ice Beanies for the Sharks to try, and he told them that he was in the process of getting a patent for the product’s design.

When asked about the size of the cold compression pain relief hats market, Lamb said that in the United States alone, about 40 million people have terrible headaches and migraines.

He said it takes $7 to make each Ice Beanie and that they sell for $39.95 on the company’s website, Etsy, and Amazon.

Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner decided not to invest, but Mark Cuban said that the Ice Beanie could be a popular product and offered $50,000 in exchange for 30% of the company.

Cuban also offered to put the Ice Beanie cooling compression hats on show in the locker room of his NBA team, the Dallas Mavericks. Lamb asked Cuban if he would be willing to lower his share request from 30% to 25%, and Cuban said yes.

Then, Daymond John and Robert Herjavec offered $100,000 for 25% of the company and $50,000 for 25% of the company, respectively. However, Lamb chose to finish the deal with Cuban.

After the show, Ice Beanies were very popular and sold out quickly on Amazon. Users who used Ice Beanie and found it helpful said good things about it.

Since then, the company has restocked its main website and Etsy. The company has a small following on Facebook and Instagram, where it shares ideas for holistic health.

As of March 2021, it wasn’t clear what had happened with the deal between Lamb and Cuban, but it was later revealed that the deal was done in October 2021. The business makes $550,000 in sales right now.

Migraine Reliever Kit Ice Beanie Review

With so many good reviews, it’s safe to say that the product is good. But you should choose carefully because there are now a lot of similar products in the online shop.

The Ice Beanie headache relief kit gets excellent reviews on Amazon and its website.

Competitors of Ice Beanie:-

  • Herb Tantra.
  • Eva foam Roller.
  • Migrelief.
  • Migraine Health Combo.

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What currency is the site’s pricing shown in?

All of the prices are in US dollars.

They’ve placed an order, but when will it come?

  • They send packages as soon as possible, generally within 24 hours. Please leave time for their item to be made and shipped. Usually, delivery takes between 3 and 5 days.
  • The tracking number will be changed once their order has been sent.
  • If they don’t like what they bought, can they send it back? What will happen if something goes wrong?
    If the item is broken or faulty, they will give you a full return.
  • They have 30 days to send it back and get their money back.
  • They have to pay to send it back, but once it’s received, they’ll get a full refund of what they paid for it in the first place.

Please put a return sticker on the package with their name and order number.

Please remember that if their shipment is on its way to them, they must wait for it to come and then return it to get a refund.

Can they change or cancel their order?

They don’t have to pay anything if they want to cancel their order. They have to cancel their order before it is filled.

If the thing has already been shipped, you can easily return it and get a full refund.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping times change because we send packages all over the world from many different hubs. Shipping usually takes between three and five business days.

Does the ice pack go from the bottom of the head to the top of the neck?

IceBeanies are made to cover the head, not the neck.

Several customers, though, have found that wearing the IceBeanie backwards hides these extra spots.

Can the ice pack be shaped?

Yes! Depending on how long the product has been frozen, they tell them to let it rest for a short time after taking it out of the fridge.

This will let the IceBeanie warm up and relax to the right temperature.

How many ice packs does the Icebeanie have in it?

Three acupressure gel packs come with IceBeanie.

How long does the cool weather last?

45 minutes to more than an hour and a half! Depending on how long they are frozen for.

How does the big gel pack at the top fit into the beanie?

All of their gel packs are carefully put into the IceBeanie so that it is easy to use. Just put it on after it has been frozen.

How much does Nic Lamb have in the bank?

Nic Lamb has a $600,000 million net worth.

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