“The Challenge” Season 39 Is In The Planning Stages Right Now.

Season 38 of “The Challenge” on MTV is over, and Season 39 is already being made!!

Challenge Expert GamerVev went on Twitter to give a report on how The Challenge 39 and USA Season 2 are coming along.

Speaking on 39:

“Contacts have begun for #TheChallenge39, which will film in late May.”


Who would you like to see on the show next season? Do you want any of the stars from the World Championship Season to join the flagship?


“Badass reality show contestants from all over the world form friendships, rivalries, and relationships while competing in brutal challenges and brutal eliminations for a share of a $1,000,000 prize.”

Hosted by T.J. Lavin


The Challenge is a show that Bunim/Murray Productions made for MTV. Executive Producers are Julie Pizzi, Emer Harkin, and Danny Wascou. Co-Executive Producers are Abigail Bunker and Jarrod Burt. Executive Producers for MTV are Dan Caster and Leanne Mucci, and Supervising Producer is Jared March.

Bunim/Murray Productions (BMP), which is part of Banijay Americas, is the most innovative entertainment content provider. The Emmy Award-winning company is widely credited with creating the reality television genre with its hit series The Real World on MTV, the first reality game show, Road Rules (MTV), in 1995; the first reality sitcom, The Simple Life (E!), in 2003; and the first reality soap opera, Starting Over, in 2003. BMP’s current programming includes Emmy-winning Lizzo’s Watch Out For The Big Grrrls (Amazon), The Challenge (MTV), The Challenge USA (CBS), The Challenge All Stars (Paramount+), Born This Way (A&E), Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project (Oxygen), Ball in the Family (Facebook Watch), Miz and Mrs. (USA Network), Don’t Forget The Lyrics (FOX), Family or Fiancé (OWN) and Total Bellas (E!). BMP Films has also made the movies Transhood (HBO), They Call Us Monsters (PBS), Valentine Road (HBO), Pedro (MTV), and Autism: The Musical and Autism: The Sequel, which won an Emmy Award. (HBO). Jonathan Murray and the late Mary-Ellis Bunim started the company in 1987. It is based in Glendale, California.

The Challenge will soon have several spinoffs.

As of this writing, two more foreign versions of The Challenge have started airing in their countries. There’s The Challenge: Argentina and The Challenge: UK. Each will have a number of winners, most of whom will be on The Challenge: Cast for the World Championship.

With the release of a poster and a sneak peek online, this foreign spinoff is already getting some attention. Videos with The Challenge Legends and MVPs have recently started coming out. Johnny Bananas, Tori Deal, Jordan Wiseley, Darrell Taylor, and Jonna Mannion are just a few of the MTV stars who will be on the show.

Since all of The Challenge: Australia’s shows are now online, the show’s MVPs were recently made public. Show winners Kiki Morris and Troy Cullen will be among them.

Once Argentina and the UK have shown their shows announcing the winners, more MVPs will likely be named for the World Championship spinoff, which comes out on March 8 on Paramount Plus.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 will probably come out soon after all of the shows from the World Championship season are out. Most of the time, at least a few weeks of promotional material, like a cast reveal, trailer, and other videos, build up to the big day.

As of this story, there is no official release date for All Stars 4, but it looks like there will be a lot of Challenge content to watch in 2023.

Part 2 of The Challenge: Ride or Dies Reunion airs on MTV on March 1 at 8 pm/7c. The first episode of The Challenge: World Championship will air on Paramount Plus on Wednesday, March 8. The date for The Challenge: All Stars 4 on Paramount Plus is TBA.

Five competitors must return for Season 39 of “The Challenge.”

Regular players and newcomers take turns in each season of The Challenge. Depending on the show’s theme, a fan favorite may not appear for a few seasons. Here are five rivals from the last season who should be back for the next one.

Olivia Kaiser and Horacio Gutiérrez

The rookies who stood out won their first two eliminations almost as soon as they got into the tournament. They gained the respect of the house and stayed out of the Zone until episode 8, when her boyfriend, Nelson Thomas, chose to save his rival, Fessy Shafaat, instead of her.

Even so, they sent Jay Starrett and Michele Fitzgerald home with the help of the house. Horacio was in the Zone twice after they were put on different teams. He got rid of Kenny Clark and three-time champion Jordan Wiseley, which tied a record for most elimination wins in a season.

They made it to the finals, where they would compete against Devin Walker and Tori Dea for the win. However, a freak accident that broke her face in five places took them out of the game.

People have liked watching the newcomers as they have added drama to the hook-ups and shown that they are worthy competitors.

Kyle Christie

Kyle Christie, who is from England, debuted Vendettas in 2017. He had a great first season, winning three eliminations and coming in third place.

After not making the finals in Final Reckoning, War of the Worlds, and War of the Worlds 2, he came in second in Total Madness.

Kyle almost made it to the finals in Double Agents until he got sick during an elimination. He returned for Spies, Lies, and Allies and had one of his best efforts, winning three eliminations and coming in second.

Even though Kyle’s early stories were about his relationship with Cara Maria Sorbello, when he came back in later seasons, the stories were about how he wasn’t playing fair, which made for exciting TV. Also, he got better at competing each year, and it looks like he’s about to win.

Natalie Anderson

After she won her first season of Survivor and came in second in a season with only winners, many fans asked for her to participate in an MTV show.

She was one of the most-anticipated newcomers when she joined the group of Double Agents in 2020, and she didn’t let anyone down when she quickly sent two-time winner Ashley Mitchell home in the first elimination.

The New Jersey native, who was paired with three-time champion Wes Bergmann and seasoned pro-Cory Wharton, quit the race by episode 5 because she was pregnant.

Natalie is a CrossFit teacher who keeps posting videos of herself working out on her social media accounts. So, she’s still in shape and would probably do well on the competition show in terms of her body. The Amazing Race star also has a big personality and doesn’t shy away from trouble, which probably makes her a great addition.

Jenny West

When she first appeared in War of the Worlds 2, UK bodybuilder Jenny West scared the group because she was one of the fittest women who had ever played on the show.

She wasn’t sent home because some of the other contestants feared her, but she was thrown in to send Nicole Bass home. Jenny was in the Proving Ground with Tori Deal after her team had a rare win. The Are You the One? Grad beat the bodybuilder in the Hall Brawl, which was a surprise.

Jenny returned for season 35 of Total Madness, winning four daily tasks and two eliminations on her way to the final.

The Brit beat everyone up the mountain and was the first person to reach the top. Jenny hasn’t returned for a third season, even though she did two great shows. Even though she might not have as big of a personality as others, she is a strong player whose desire to win is fun to watch.

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