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Spatty Daddy Net Worth 2022: After Appearing On Shark Tank, What Happened To Spatty Daddy?

With Spatty Daddy, Cheryl has enjoyed a great deal of success. Despite not receiving the required cash from Shark Tank, she was still able to benefit from her firm. Spatty Daddy’s estimated net worth in 2022 is approximately $5 million. It is absolutely unbelievable to see how far Cheryl has come within the organization. The company is now well-established, and its expansion continues daily.

Spatty Daddy was the consequence of some creativity in response to a trivial matter. The story of Cheryl Rigdon teaches us several life lessons. Instead of sitting about and complaining about a problem, it is your responsibility to discover solutions.

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What is Spatty Daddy?

A spatula called Spatty Daddy is made to scrape out your entire product. Spatty is a cost-effective tool that can be applied where a regular spatula cannot.


The device, which was primarily designed for makeup, can also be used to scrape the last of a jar of mustard.

The Spatty Daddy is an upgraded model of the tool made to work with bigger containers.


No one wants to be responsible for a particular challenge for the rest of their lives; as a result, people tend to be fake in order to solve their problems. Sheryl Rgdon’s dilemma serves as a prime illustration of this.

She has always had difficulty locating the substance at the bottom of her costly makeup and lotion tubs. Therefore, she desired to put her intellect to the test and determine how to solve her dilemma.

She assisted in making a new, improved device that can be used to transfer the liquid into either a bucket or an aquarium. She ultimately arrived at the solution after a great lot of study and trial and error.

When Sherul presented her suggestion on shark sank, she received a great reaction from the audience. They were astonished to realize that she had found a solution to an issue that no one else had considered.

Just $50,000 would be enough to launch her company proposal. During the broadcast, Sherryl was lucky to receive Daymond’s supervision. Later on, Sherryl was able to create a larger version of the potty that could fit in larger containers, such as paint cans, in the kitchen and dining room.

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Sheryl’s clever concept piqued the curiosity of both the panel of entrepreneurs and the audience of the show. Following the program, Sheryl received a flurry of requests from consumers in need of the product. Herul will achieve great success in the coming years. She assisted a mariner.

It is essential to consider the context when communicating. Philosophy and medical practice She has a degree in specialized education and had spent several years working in the sector.

After the purpose of her invention, she devoted all her energy to the development and cultivation of rattu. This Evolution significantly altered the net worth of Spatty daddy.

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Achievement & Awards

Sраttу DADDY started out as a simple solution for a small issue and developed into a successful company. Herуl has a unique talent for getting people’s attention and moving. She also has a reputation for having a huge heart.

She is always open to help if asked for it. She took part in the agreement, which eventually became a controversial topic since she wanted to help those who were having similar problems.

She hasn’t received any rewards yet, but it’s likely that she will sooner rather than later be recognized for her excellent effort. These accolades and successes significantly increased Spatty Daddy’s net worth.

What Happened to Spatty Daddy after Shark Tank?

The Spatty was a Shark Tank fan favourite, and Cheryl was a well-known businesswoman. She received a lot of “pre-orders” when episode 405 premiered.

Even though the transaction fell through during the pitch, the first production mould and prototype run were finished in early November 2012.

A viable product’s complete manufacture was completed shortly after that. Cheryl was shown how to enter the 2013 Academy Awards Gifting Suite by fellow Shark Tank businesswoman Mona Weiss (Eco Nuts), and she gave Spatty to the celebrities in early March 2013.

After completing its production, Spatty Daddy is currently for sale on Amazon.

After a few years, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wal Mart, and Target all carry her products. She is negotiating with more stores as of 2020.

She is also developing a metallic version and themed Spatties (Halloween, Christmas, etc.). As of February 2022, the business was still in operation and generated $1 million in annual revenue.

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