Emily In Paris: Why Is Season 2 Covid Free? 

Emily In Paris: Why Is Season 2 Covid Free? 

Season 2 of Emily in Paris has finally debuted, but we already knew that the reality of Emily Cooper would be totally Covid-free. The debut chapter was outlined well before the pandemic broke out and reached Netflix last year, in a period that is still critical, but not really of fire: October.

If anyone thought they would find any reference to the virus, which has recently returned to make itself felt with the increase in infections, they were wrong. Our Emily Cooper continues to live a reality in which the drama that the world has experienced has never broken out.

During a chat with Variety, the protagonist Lily Collins explored the reasons that led to the choice to exclude this aspect from the new episodes :

“Season 1 provided us with an escape when it became clear that this was something that was going on. We don’t talk about it because it continues to bring a sense of escapism, to be a source of joy and laughter at a time when we really need it.”

Despite the idyllic reality in which Emily takes place in Paris 2, the Covid emergency continues to be more present than ever. For this reason, it was not at all easy to shoot the episodes of the second season. In this regard, Lily Collins specified:

“Shooting a series in a highly populated city, where people wear masks, but setting it in a world where Covid doesn’t exist – we had to make sure there were no masks while we filmed and when we stopped, we went back to wearing them. It happened a couple of times that when they started shooting, I warned them “Wait, half the people on stage are still wearing the mask”.

The second season of Emily in Paris is available on Netflix from December 22, 2021.

Emily In Paris Season 3: Is The Show Renewed?

The second season of Emily In Paris has just arrived on Netflix. Some of the fans have even binge-watched the whole season. Now with the arrival of a new season, the questions regarding its third season have also started to emerge. So far, it has not been confirmed whether Emily In Paris will return to the streaming giant with a third season. Though the first reviews of Season 2 are quite good, and thus fans are hoping that a third season could be soon announced. Once there is an official update, we will be the first to report it to you.

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