Ozark Season 4: Release Date Status, Trailer and Everything You Need to Know

Ozark Season 4: Release Date Status, Trailer and Everything You Need to Know

Ozark will return for its last season, or at least the first half of it, in January. Ozark Season 4: Part 1 will broadcast on January 21, 2022, with the second instalment following later that year. There are a lot of chaotic loose ends to tie up after Season 3 ended on such a tense note, with Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney) fully embedding oneself into the cartel life after Ben’s (Tom Pelphrey) “untimely” death and Ruth (Julia Garner) officially trying to split from the family, and we also have no idea how all of this will end.

Fans of Ozark have been left with a slew of unanswered questions: After Ben’s death, will Ruth ever forgive Marty and Wendy? Will Marty and Wendy be able to go legal? Is sleeping with Navarro really going to assist the Byrdes? What does Darlene (Lisa Emery) have planned for the final season? There’s so much more to learn, and with only a few months before Season 4, TV Guide is gathering hints for what’s to come.

Have you ever considered how much harm the Byrdes have inflicted over the course of three seasons, particularly in the stressful final episodes of Season 3? On November 17, the Season 4 teaser trailer debuted, reminding viewers just how much has gone wrong for and around this broken family. Marty reflects in it on how every action has a reaction, creating a snowball effect as the show’s trauma is reset. Something tells us that Season 4 will be the most hectic yet.

Release Date

In the summer of 2020, Netflix announced that Season Four of Ozark would be the series’ last season, bringing the Byrde family drama to a close. Furthermore, the streamer indicated that the last episodes would be broken into two sections. Instead of the usual ten-episode rollout, Ozark will split the show into two halves of seven episodes each.

“We’re so glad Netflix recognised the necessity of giving Ozark extra time to conclude the Byrdes’ narrative properly,” Ozark showrunner Chris Mundy said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly. “It’s been such a tremendous trip for all of us—both on and off the screen—that we’re overjoyed to have the opportunity to bring it home in the most rewarding way possible.”

In a fresh teaser, we see a title card stating that Part I will be released on January 21, 2022.


According to Deadline, several new cast members will be added to Season 4 in November 2020. Alfonso Herrera will play Javi Elizonndro, a Navarro family member who toes the line between being a dutiful subordinate and plotting to take over his uncle’s cartel. Mel Sattem, a former cop who now works as a private investigator, is played by Adam Rothenberg. Veronica Falcón and Ali Stroker will play Ruth’s old friend and the sister of a drug gang leader, respectively.

For Season 4, Felix Solis, who plays Omar Navarro, and Damian Young, who plays Jim Rettelsdorf, were elevated to series regulars.

As recurrent characters, Bruno Bichir (Narcos) played Navarro’s Priest, CC Castillo (Outer Banks) played Sheriff Leigh Guerrero, and Katrina Lenk (The Band’s Visit) played Clare Shaw, CEO of a prominent pharmaceutical business.

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