For All Mankind Season 4 Renewed Despite a Lackluster Show

For All Mankind Season 4 renewed
For All Mankind Season 4 renewed

Following the revival of National Treasure franchise, there’s another piece of good news coming from San Diego Comic Con.

The good news is that Apple TV+ has renewed For all Mankind TV series for 4th season.

Although, For All Mankind Season 3 was a complete lackluster season, the next season is ray of hope for those fans who were eagerly waiting to discover:

  • AI elemens inside the room.
  • Resurruction of Gordo.

When Will For All Mankind Season 4 Release?

For all manking season 3 released on Apple TV+ on June 10th. And the next season is scheduled to begin its production in August 2022.

If for all mankind season 4’s shooting takes place as scheduled, you can once again expect the new season to drop somewhere in the first half of 2023.

It’s just that I hope the upcoming season will make up everything that has gone downhill in season 3.

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Why For All Mankind Season 3 was a Flop?

Because they’ve ran out of things to write about that can be proven scientifically, I believe they’ve shifted their focus to the human condition. Their opening title images hint to a First Contact or Kurzweilian transhumanism scenario, therefore they should just go for it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s all bad. The three seasons are amazing but it’s just that the 1st half of For All Makind has been relatively slower than the rest.

I believe this was bound to happen as it’s slowly turning into another StarTrek kinda show.

I’ve enjoyed this season overall, but the timely material, especially in the most recent episode, has been a bit too obvious.

Are you enjoying For All Mankind Season 3? What are you anticipating in the season finale?

Do share your honest thoughts on for all mankind season 3 & what are your expectations from the next season.

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