TikTok’s polaroid challenge of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victim horrifies TikTok Users

Disclaimer: This article is on the Netflix web series DAHMER and may contain references to murder and s*xual assault some may find upsetting. Reader discretion is advised.

The new Netflix show “Dahmer Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” which is about the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, has started a disturbing trend on TikTok. As it is, the show has gotten a lot of criticism for being too harsh and not caring enough about the victims’ families.

Polaroid Pictures Of His Victims Taken By Jeffrey Dahmer

Since it came out on September 21, 2022, the show has apparently broken records and caused trouble. It has upset a big part of the audience, who are now saying that the creators came up with something too violent. In short, some people found the show’s content to be very upsetting.

The Milwaukee Monster was active from 1978 to 1991. During that time, he killed 17 boys and young men by strangling them and cutting them up. The Milwaukee police caught him after finding horrifying Polaroids and rotting organs around his home.

Many of us find it hard to even read about Dahmer’s horrible crimes, but some people on social media have enjoyed watching real-life pictures.

The horrifying TikTok challenge, called the “Jeffrey Dahmer Challenge,” has caused a lot of TikTokers to look for disturbing pictures online so they can film themselves reacting to them.

“Jeffrey Dahmer victim polaroids” has been searched about 531.2 million times, which shows that people are interested in death.

TikTok seems to be getting rid of explicit content, but it turns out that it would be nearly impossible to get rid of every post about Jeffrey Dahmer’s polaroids. Users have kept pushing each other, making it hard for TikTok to take the steps it needs to take.

A true crime @dostor.vile, a TikToker user, had posted a video that showed what was in the Polaroid. But TikTok saw what was going on and took down the video, so the guy posted it again, but this time with a blurry image.

No matter what you can see and what you can’t, any video in this niche has been getting a lot of views, with the first one getting 4.7 million views.

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One of the people who made it even posted a video with the title “Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids” and the words “EDITED REPOST!” More than 2.8 million people have watched the video in just two days.

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Luckily, a lot of people on social media have spoken out against this horrible trend, and a lot of them have asked why these photos are even online.

A user wrote on Twitter, “The new Jeffery Dahmer show is so f*cked up. I can’t believe it happened and that all those people died because of it. He was in such bad shape. Even worse, Dahmer took some real Polaroid pictures of Jeffrey Dahmer and put them on the Internet.

Another person said, “People on TikTok are sad because they couldn’t find the real Polaroids that Jeffrey Dahmer took.” What the f*** are they doing wrong? I’m sick to my stomach.”

The user said that many people were writing about how they tried to find all the real pictures but could only get a few. Someone said, “I don’t think they’ve released it yet, but by now they probably know they have,” and someone else said, “There’s more on Reddit.”

Another group of users is asking why people look at those strange pictures if they are just going to talk about how strange they are. They don’t want anyone to look at the real Polaroids of Jeffrey Dahmer until they can accept it. “Why would they even think about them if they weren’t?”

“The TikTokers are shocked by the photos of Jeffrey Dahmer… like excuse me! One user asked, “He ate people’s insides and kept the leftovers in his apartments, so what did you expect the Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids to look like?”

So, in the end, people have different thoughts about Tik Tok because of the trend. Some people take part in the trend, while others criticize those who do.

A person who was upset even posted a video on TikTok asking people not to look at the real Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroids because it was too disturbing for him.

Someone else said, “Please don’t look for those Polaroids of Jeffrey Dahmer. Instead, let the victims and their families rest.”

Even though people have said mean things about the trend, many people are still filming it. But why did Jeffrey Dahmer take photos in the first place? There are well-known photos of his victims.

The psycho killer saved Polaroid pictures of his victims at each stage of their sad deaths, and it seems that he did this only to “relive the experience.”

“It was my unique way to remember how they looked and how their bodies worked, and if I couldn’t remember them as a whole, I had to remember their bones at least.”

How Jeffrey Dahmer’s Polaroids helped lead to his arrest

Even though Dahmer was able to stay hidden for 13 years and kill 17 innocent men, he was finally caught by Milwaukee police when Tracey Edwards, who was supposed to be his 18th victim, escaped from his captivity.

When Edward told the police about Dahmer, they went to his apartment and found a bedside drawer. That was his storage shelf, where he kept a lot of Polaroids and pieces of the bodies of the people he killed.

The photos helped the police figure out who had died, even though their bodies had not been found. David Thomas was Dahmer’s ninth victim, but no parts of his body were ever found at the crime scene.

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