Who Was Tony Hughes, Jeffrey Dahmer’s Victim, And Where Is His Family Now?

Who Was Tony Hughes And Where Is His Family Now

Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 people, including Tony Hughes. Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, a new series on Netflix, tells the story of the 31-year-life. old’s In the ten-part series, Dahmer’s killings before his arrest in 1991 are shown in great detail.

Tony Hughes was one of Dahmer’s victims. He met him in a gay bar and was tricked into going back to his apartment. Here’s everything we know about Tony Hughes like if he was really dating Jeffrey Dahmer as the Netflix show says and where his family is now.

Who Was Tony Hughes?

Tony Hughes was born Anthony Hughes in the year 1960. As we learn from the Netflix show, Tony lost his hearing for good when he was a baby. This was caused by the side effects of the medicines he was given.

Tony wanted to be a model, so he went to college in Madison and tried to break into the fashion and modeling business there. Ryan Murphy’s Netflix show says that Tony had a hard time getting a job because he was deaf. He ended up working at a clothes store where he had to use sign language to talk to his boss.

Tony Hughes was also openly gay and often went to gay bars.

Where Did Tony And Jeffrey Meet?

People say that they met at a gay bar. Tony reportedly talked to customers in the LGBT bar where they first met by writing on a notepad.

He had used the same way to get in touch with his killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. Tony was visiting family in Madison, and on May 24, 1991, he and his friend went to a gay bar in Milwaukee to dance.

The latest news from The Associated Press says, “Jeffrey Dahmer picked him up at the bar, took him home, drugged him, and cut him up, leaving only his skull.”

How Did Tony Hughes Die?

In May 1991, Tony Hughes and Jeffrey Dahmer met for the first time in a gay bar in Milwaukee. Dahmer is known for getting his victims to fall in love with him by promising them s*x and sexual favors.

Hughes said he would give Dahmer a ride home. Dahmer may have written down his request for a nudist photo shoot. Once he was inside, Dahmer gave him poison and then strangled him to death. It is said that acid was used to dissolve Tony’s body, leaving only his head. He was the 12th person Jeffrey killed.

Tony’s mother found out about his death at the start of July. His dental records helped her figure out right away who he was. Shirley Hughes, his mother, told The Associated Press in 1992, “I thought I was going crazy when it happened.”

In another interview, she said, “All I did was beg and plead with God to tell me where my son was.” I just wanted to find out if he was still alive or not. It hurts to see how he died. It is impossible to explain.’

The boy’s mother told the AP that her son started a new job two weeks ago, but he never got his first paycheck. She also said that she couldn’t call the friend because she only knew his first name, Jeffrey.

History says that when Jeffrey admitted to killing Tony, he was given 15 consecutive life sentences for killing Tony and 14 other people.

Between 1978 and 1991, Jeffrey killed 17 men and teenagers.

What Happened To The Family Of Tom Hughes? Where Are They Now?

Shirley Hughes was interviewed following the arrest of Jeffrey Dahmer. She characterized her son Tony as “cheerful,” “outgoing,” and “loving to help people and make friends.”

Shortly after Jeffrey Dahmer’s killings became public knowledge, Career Youth Development Inc., a non-profit organization, supplied grief counselors to assist the victims’ families. According to one of these counselors, Shirley worked diligently to reunite her family and discover faith.

According to reports, Shirley, along with Tony’s other family members, lives out of the spotlight and have kept alive through prayers and memories of Tony.

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