Who Now Resides In Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s Apartment?

Who Lives in Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer's Apartment Now
Who Lives in Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer's Apartment Now

Imagine relaxing at home with a glass of chardonnay in hand, only to be interrupted by the grating noises of drilling and sawing coming from your vent. Perhaps your next-door neighbor converted their apartment into a makeshift woodworking shop. Maybe they’re just making a beautiful birdhouse or a black walnut clock. But that doesn’t explain the horrible odor emanating from their enigmatic abode.

The horrific den of famed cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was apprehended on July 22, 1991, after murdering and dismembering at least 17 youths and young men over 13 years. Unfortunately, Jeff was not a skilled carpenter, as his toolbox was filled with perversion and horrific agony. What scary stories the walls of apartment 213 could tell if they could communicate. Bleached skulls, horrible Polaroids of dismembered bodies, preserved heads, and a 57-gallon tank of rotting torsos. We’re getting shivers just thinking about it.

According to FBI data, Jeff stayed at the Oxford Apartments on 924 North 25th Street after spending around nine years at his grandmother’s house on 2357 South 57th Street. Though it’s challenging to picture living in a structure that formerly housed one of history’s most twisted people, we can’t help but wonder what Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment building looks like now.

Soon after his incarceration in 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment building was demolished.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, understandably wants to be remembered for its cheese rather than the terrible acts of the Milwaukee Cannibal. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the 49-unit Oxford Apartments were demolished barely 15 months after human remains were discovered in Jeff’s revolting apartment.

The Campus Circle Project, a “collaborative neighborhood rehabilitation program” sponsored by Marquette University, paid $325,000 for the building.

With only 15 of the 49 flats occupied in August 1992, Campus Circle Project committed to assisting the remaining occupants in relocating before the building’s demolition.

For better or worse, nothing came of the space, which remains a desolate lot enclosed by a fence in 2022.

WISN 12 News stated in 2011 that “on the day of its demise, a family of Dahmer’s victims had visions of a park or a new building on the property.” In the same news broadcast from November 1992, a woman suggests putting “a missing person center” on the new lot to aid others and the community as a whole. Unfortunately, this promising idea never materialized.

Glenda Cleveland, a suspicious and outspoken neighbor in Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan’s dramatized Netflix miniseries Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, advocates for creating a memorial for the killer’s victims and their families. In actuality, many people believed that a community memorial would be an excellent approach to memorializing those who had died. Still, others were concerned that it would serve as a permanent reminder of the unimaginable atrocities there.

June Moberly, executive director of the Avenues West Association, a nonprofit neighborhood association, felt it wasn’t a morally solid notion to turn the abandoned land into a memorial.

“It was a horrific, horrendous incident,” she said in 1998, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “But maintaining a reminder there isn’t going to help this particular geographical neighborhood heal either.”

Campus Circle had initially planned to turn the site into a “tot lot” play area, but that light bulb proposal, too, fell through.

Every idea for the lot at 924 North 25th Street has been received with crickets, whether it’s a children’s play area, a sincere monument, environmental study space for middle schools, or a criminal artifacts museum. As one could expect, it is regarded as a contaminated area.

“There has been no interest in acquiring this land. Given its past, you can see why people are hesitant to become its new owner, “John Hopkins, former vice president for communication at Marquette University, stated in 1998.

The ghosts of Jeffrey Dahmer’s infamous killing spree and the Oxford Apartments are visible now, with only a few trees and a brilliant green lawn. Despite its current state, we can only hope that the space has found new life since 1992.


What exactly did Jeff Dahmer do?

On July 22, 1991, Dahmer was apprehended and entered a guilty but crazy plea in 15 of the 17 murders he confessed to perpetrating. The jury declared him sane in each murder in February 1992, and he was sentenced to 15 consecutive life terms.

How was Dahmer apprehended?

Despite their initial reservations, the officers returned Edwards to Dahmer’s flat. Dahmer calmly explained that everything had been a misunderstanding, and the officers almost believed him. However, they discovered a few Polaroid photos of dismembered victims and detained Dahmer.

What was Jeffrey Dahmer accused of?

Dahmer was charged with four charges of first-degree intentional homicide on July 25 after admitting to killing 17 young guys. July 26: Three police officers were suspended after it was revealed that they were at Dahmer’s apartment on May 27 and permitted a naked, drugged, and drunken youngster to stay with Dahmer. The boy died afterward.

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