UFC Pioneer Art Jimmerson Dies At 60!

UFC Pioneer Art Jimmerson Dies
UFC Pioneer Art Jimmerson Dies

Sad news has touched the world of sports as former ‘UFC 1’ fighter Art Jimmerson has passed away at the age of 60. Now, let’s take a moment to remember him and learn about the journey he took.

UFC Pioneer Art Jimmerson Dies

Art Jimmerson, a former boxer and UFC fighter, passed away at the age of 60. Jimmerson’s daughter informed in a statement that her father passed away on Wednesday. As of right now, the reason for death remains unknown.

With a 33–18 record, Jimmerson was a natural boxer, but his passion for “the sweet science” didn’t stop him from taking on a challenge in a different sport. The UFC was founded in 1993, and Denver, Colorado hosted the MMA promotion’s debut event.

In an unusual one-night open-weight competition with minimal regulations, “UFC 1” brought together several athletes from different backgrounds to determine which fighting style would prevail in the end.

Jimmerson entered the Octagon holding a boxing glove in his left hand and his right hand as free as possible, representing the sport of boxing. It was an intriguing decision that gave rise to his well-known name, “One Glove.”

Jimmerson could have been able to load up his right fist for a bare-knuckle blow after jabbing with the boxing glove. Royce Gracie, a jiu-jitsu veteran, quickly submitted Jimmerson, as he did with all of his opponents to win the ‘UFC 1’ tournament, preventing Jimmerson’s MMA strategy.

UFC Pioneer Art Jimmerson Dies
UFC Pioneer Art Jimmerson Dies

When it came to “Ultimate Fighting,” Jimmerson was done. He chose to pursue his boxing career as a fighter first, then as a coach to assist others.

Christian, his son said in a statement on Facebook, “Art was known for his love of God, family, and boxing. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him. A funeral service to celebrate Art’s life will be announced. We are grateful for the outpouring of love and support during this difficult time. Please keep Art and his family in your thoughts and prayers.”

The UFC is expected to release a video package honoring Art Jimmerson, who competed out of St. Louis, Missouri, at this weekend’s Fight Night event in the city. During this difficult time, our thoughts are with Art Jimmerson’s family and friends.

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