Students At The University of Chicago Are Being Warned About Drug Usage And Sexual Assault During Parties!

Students At The University of Chicago Are Being Warned About Drug Usage And Sexual Assault During Parties: Seven incidents of students having their beverages drugged have been reported to the University of Chicago since September, the university reported Thursday, along with one incident of sexual assault.

On Thursday, Vice President for Safety and Security Eric Heath and Dean of Students Michele Rasmussen issued a safety and security advisory warning students about the predatory practice.

Seven cases of pupils reporting that drugs were introduced into their beverages without their knowledge were reported since September. The school has stated that there is no consistent pattern to the off-campus sites where the drink spiking has occurred.

Students At The University of Chicago Are Being Warned About Drug Usage And Sexual Assault During Parties!

University of Chicago issues warning about students being drugged at parties  - CBS Chicago

An undergraduate student at UChicago reported on Tuesday to campus security that they were sexually assaulted in a dorm room on Friday, October 28. According to the notice, the student believed that their drink had been spiked as well.

“Really, that’s taking it way too far for my taste. It seems like a very severe matter. Please don’t just dismiss it as a precautionary warning “Jess Xiong, a sophomore at the University of Chicago’s College, put it this way. “My impression is that the problem with these campus safety alerts is that they essentially amount to a statement of indifference. To put it simply, you all need to be aware of the situation.”

The University of Chicago Police have confirmed that they are investigating the allegations, but they have told CBS 2 that no victims have yet come forward to file reports. Nonetheless, the administration considered it necessary to issue a warning to the Hyde Park campus.

“In my opinion, it is quite helpful that the institution keeps us informed about events like these. Second-year College student Joshua Pixley stated, “I think that many institutions would be tempted to kind of sweep things under the rug,” which raises the question of what else we need to know to prevent such incidents.”

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Anyone who believes they may have been the victim of tainted drinks is encouraged to report it to campus security. Students, faculty, and staff are reminded that they can contact Chicago Police by dialing 911, or the University of Chicago Police by dialing 123 from any campus phone or (773) 702-8181 from any other phone.

U of C students who have experienced sexual assault have access to a dean-on-call who is accessible around the clock to provide emotional assistance to anyone affected by sexual assault or other forms of gender-based violence. The sexual assault dean-on-call can be reached through text message using the UChicago Safe App or by contacting the U of C Police at (773) 702-8181 and asking dispatch to page them.

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In the meantime, the girl who claims she was sexually attacked has provided no evidence that someone forced their way into a dorm room, leading one to suspect that she is acquainted with her potential assailant.

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