Hit-And-Run Kills Missing Toddler Quinton Simon’s Grandfather!

Hit-And-Run Kills Missing Toddler Quinton Simon's Grandfather!
Hit-And-Run Kills Missing Toddler Quinton Simon's Grandfather!

Hit-And-Run Kills Missing Toddler Quinton Simon’s Grandfather: Local news outlets in Georgia reported on Wednesday that the grandfather of missing toddler Quinton Simon was murdered in a hit-and-run accident. Henry “Bubba” Moss Sr. got a flat tire on Highway 23 about 80 miles northwest of Savannah and had to pull over to the shoulder, but he became fatally stuck, as reported by WSAV.

Hit-And-Run Kills Missing Toddler Quinton Simon’s Grandfather!

YouTube Protesters' Arrested Outside Missing Toddler Quinton Simon's Home

According to the Burke County Sheriff’s Office, Moss got out of his car and was walking back to it when he was hit by a driver who continued on their way.

The untimely death of Quinton’s biological father, 24-year-old Henry Moss Jr., is the latest tragedy in the life of the young man. Nearly a month ago, Moss Jr.’s son, who was 20 months old at the time, went missing and has since been considered dead. It was also reported last week that Moss Jr.’s mother had passed away.

Just after 6 o’clock in the morning, Quinton vanished from the Savannah, Georgia, residence where he was staying. He was last spotted on October 5th. The FBI has said their belief that Quinton was placed in a trash that was emptied at the county’s waste management facility, which has been extensively searched by officials over the course of several weeks.

Police continue to suspect Quinton’s missing mother, 24-year-old Leilani Simon, who has admitted to drug usage during her pregnancy, but she has not yet been caught or charged.

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On the same day that Moss Sr. was murdered, police in Chatham County stated that they highly doubt Quinton’s body will ever be recovered

Quinton Simon's grandfather 'hit and killed by a car' amid desperate  landfill search for missing toddler's body | The US Sun

Chatham County police stated in a tweet on Wednesday that despite hundreds of hours spent researching, all signs continue to point to Quinton’s body having been found in a landfill and his mother, Leilani Simon, being the major suspect in her son’s death and abduction.

“For the past two weeks, we have been sifting through tens of thousands of pounds of trash. Department officials noted, “We understood going into this landfill search, the likelihood of retrieving Quinton’s remains was minimal.” This is because “landfill searches often do not end in retrieval.”

Despite not being in the Savannah area for weeks, Moss Jr. told The Daily Mail last month that Simon sought to blame him for Quinton’s disappearance and accused him of abducting the youngster in the middle of the night.

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He expressed surprise that Simon had not been apprehended in connection with Quinton’s case

Leilani Simon Georgia mom main suspect in murder of son Quinton

She’s a horrible human being who deserves to burn in hell or spend eternity behind bars. I don’t trust her since she’s so bad. “She has no business being out in the open like this,” he said to the media.

‘If she didn’t want him, she should have told me. “If I had known he was in trouble, I would have gone to get him myself,” Moss continued.

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