Paul Stoddard, A Diecast Vocalist, Has Passed Away

Also, shock.

Dennis Pavia, His Fellow Friend And Diecast Drummer, Shared This Heartbreaking News With The World And Noted A Touching Note As A Tribute To His Ever-best Buddy, His Fallen Friend, And Bandmate.

The Note That Follows: “I’m at a loss for words and completely crushed.” You’re a member of the band, a friend, and a brother.

As I Write This, A Thousand Band/Tour Memories And Stories Just Flew Through My Head In A Fraction Of A Second. I’m Gonna Miss You, Rip Paul, From Recording To Traveling All Over The Place, Arguing To Laughing Hysterically. “

Who Was Paul Stoddard?

One of the most handsomely talented vocalists among Boston Metalcore Stalwarts Diecast. He Was So Into Music, And Paul Stoddard Happened To Meet The Members Of The Band, And He Joined In 2003 With So Many Dreams To Conquer As a result, Paul Stoddard joined the band, replacing previous vocalist Colin Schleifer.

Following the addition of Paul Stoddard, the band decided to sign with Century Media Records. The band’s third album, Tearing Down Your Blue Skies, was released following their collaboration with Century Media Records. When Paul Stoddard contributed his voice to the song Rise And Oppose, it became a hit.

So the Boston metalcore community is in deep mourning over the untimely death of one of their own.

Indeed, Paul Stoddard’s decision to replace the band’s original front man, Colin Schleifer, was extremely difficult. So, despite having a great mountain to overcome, Paul Stoddard’s strong passion met with success, as did his top-notch talent and ability to sing with amazing soulful, soothing melodies while also handling loud, guttural yells with ease.

After the band split up for unknown reasons, negotiations to re-unite the band began in early 2021.

How did Paul Stoddard die?

Paul Stoddard passed away on October 25, 2022, as a result of illness. Last week, his father, Beverley Stoddard, posted about his son’s health. Paul was admitted to the hospital in Miami due to fluid retention.

He was in a coma and was on a ventilator. His kidneys failed and he began dialysis. Half of the heart is broken. Paul Stoddard died on October 25, 2022, as a result of these health issues. Illness was the cause of death for Paul Stoddard.

Cause of Death Explained !

According to reports, no cause of death has been given. What Really Happened To This Talented Man Is a Mystery. His friends and family were not aware of any fatal health issues that Paul Stoddard might have been experiencing. Many details about his lifestyle or health issues are unavailable and unknown to anyone who knows him.

The Deteriorating Health Condition, Which Was Unexpected Because Paul Stoddard Was Not Diagnosed With Any Serious Health Issues, Suddenly Became Bedridden, As Announced By His Father, Beverley Stoddard, In The Last Week.

Paul Stoddard was in good health prior to his announcement, and it’s difficult to imagine what could have caused this sudden deterioration of his health.

According to some reports, Paul Stoddard was admitted to a Miami hospital for inexplicably retaining fluid. The news of his illness is not widely known; some media outlets reported that Paul Stoddard was on a ventilator because he had fallen into a coma.

Though his family and friends were not prepared to accept his coma, they all hoped that Paul Stoddard would fight back and save his life. But things took a turn for the worse when Paul Stoddard’s kidneys and heart stopped working, resulting in his death.

According to some reports, Paul Stoddard died as a result of a physical illness that put him in a coma and then affected his internal organs.

Paul Stoddard and Diecast

After joining the band in 2003, Paul Stoddard began to receive numerous accolades, and the band soon released their fourth album, International Revolution. The song “Fade Away” appeared on the album, which was released in 2006.

The song was well-known and received positive feedback, and the band was hard at work on their fifth album. However, it was frequently delayed after its initial launch in 2012.

Paul Stoddard stayed with the band until his death. He was a stickler for being an ardent member, and he always had his vows that he kept until the end.

Reports say that Paul Stoddard died on October 25, 2022, which made his family, friends, and especially his favourite band very upset.

Soul-Cushing Tributes are Overflowing

Following the news of Paul Stoddard’s death, people all over the world, including his friends, family, and relatives, have paid their respects to the late man. This was difficult news to swallow, and his brother, Craig Stoddard, Jenn Barton, Alan Black, and James Greig, all tweeted their condolences.

Paul Stoddard Was Such A Good Man With Immaculate Talents, And With His Highly Mesmerizing Voice, He Just Managed To Swoop Into The Lives Of Everyone Who Loved Music. We Were Heartbroken To Hear This News. Paul Stoddard Was A True Epitome Of Inspiring Character.

He worked extremely hard to become one of the best diecast vocalists, and now, in the blink of an eye, he flew, leaving behind his ashes and a bereaved family.







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