Jayo Archer Cause of Death: How the Motocross Star Died at 27?

Jayo Archer Cause of Death
Jayo Archer Cause of Death

Jayo Archer, a motocross star and X Games medalist, made history as the first rider to perform a triple backflip in competition.

He was also a part of the Travis Pastrana-founded action sports group Nitro Circus. He was engaged to Beth King, whom he proposed to after completing the triple backflip in 2022. He passed away on February 21, 2024, at the age of 27. How did Jayo Archer die? Here are some specifics about his untimely death.

Jayo Archer Cause of Death

Jayo Archer died while doing a triple backflip in Melbourne, Australia. He was performing the trick on a ramp at a private facility when he lost control of his bike and crashed.

He was transported to a local hospital, but his injuries proved fatal. The actual cause of death has yet to be determined, although he most likely died as a result of serious head injuries or internal hemorrhage.

The triple backflip is one of freestyle motocross’ most difficult and dangerous tricks, requiring exact timing, speed, and rotation. Only two other riders, Josh Sheehan and Harry Bink, have mastered the move. Jayo Archer was attempting to become the first rider to perform a quadruple backflip, which had never been done before.


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The Reaction from the Motocross Community

Jayo Archer’s death surprised and saddened the motocross community, particularly his friends and coworkers at the Nitro Circus. Nitro Circus reported his death on Instagram, stating that he was “the epitome of passion, hard work, and determination” and “a positive influence to those around him”.

They also posted a video tribute to him, including some of his most memorable moments and accomplishments.


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Travis Pastrana, the co-founder of Nitro Circus and a multi-sport legend, told ESPN that Jayo Archer’s death “really hit home.”. He praised him as “a great human first, a hard worker second, and a bad man third”. He also said that he was “an incredible role model” to his kids, who stayed at his house when he came to Maryland to train.

Many other motocross riders and fans shared their sorrow and appreciation for Jayo Archer via social media. Some of them were Josh Sheehan, Harry Bink, Ryan Williams, Levi Sherwood, and Jarryd McNeil. They remembered him as a fearless, gifted, and humble rider who pushed the sport’s boundaries while inspiring others.

The Legacy of Jayo Archer

Jayo Archer will be recognized as one of the most innovative and influential freestyle motocross racers of all time. He began his career as an assistant mechanic at Nitro Circus before becoming one of its stars.

He competed in a variety of competitions, including the Nitro World Games, the X Games, and the Nitro Circus Live Show. He received numerous medals and distinctions, including the gold medal in Best Trick at the Nitro World Games in 2022 and the bronze medal at the X Games California in 2023.

Jayo Archer Cause of Death

His most impressive achievement, however, was performing the triple backflip in competition in front of his home fans in Brisbane in November 2022. He devoted his entire life to perfecting the technique, facing numerous challenges and injuries along the way.

He described the experience as “indescribable” and proposed to his fiancée immediately following the interview. He was the first rider to perform the move in competition, and the only one to do so twice. Jayo Archer was not just an exceptional rider, but also a nice and kind individual who cherished his family, friends, and admirers.

He was extremely enthusiastic about his sport and was constantly striving to better himself and help others. He was a role model and hero to many people, and they will mourn him greatly. He left a legacy that will inspire future riders. Rest in peace, Jayo Archer.

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