Is Kristine Hermosa Pregnant? Actress Expects Sixth Child at 40

Is Kristine Hermosa Pregnant?
Is Kristine Hermosa Pregnant?

Kristine Hermosa, the former actress and star of the hit teleserye Pangako Sa ‘Yo, has announced that she is pregnant with her sixth child with her husband, actor Oyo Boy Sotto.

The couple, who celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary last month, shared the happy news on their Instagram accounts, along with a photo of their ultrasound.

Is Kristine Hermosa Pregnant?

Kristine Hermosa is pregnant with her sixth child. She announced the news by posting a photo with her husband, Oyo Sotto, as well as a sonogram of the baby. Kristine, 40, emphasised her confidence in God and said she never anticipated to have so many children, but she is glad for each one.

She described feeling hopeful but startled when she sees a positive pregnancy test result, despite having had several pregnancies in the past. Kristine concluded her statement by thanking God for His purpose for her and her family, and expressing her faith in His love and guidance.

Kristine and Oyo married in 2011, and they already have five children. Their eldest, Daniel, was adopted, and their first biological child, Ondrea, was born that same year. Their other children are called Kaleb, Marvin, and Vittorio Isaac. Kristine’s statement expresses her delight and appreciation for the new addition to their family.

Who is Kristine Hermosa Patner?

Kristine Hermosa’s husband is Vittorio Mari Bonnevie Sotto, also known professionally as Oyo Boy Sotto. Oyo Boy is a Filipino actor. He is a member of the famed Sotto family in the Philippines, the son of well-known Filipino actor-comedian-host Vic Sotto and Swiss-Filipino singer-actress Dina Bonnevie.

Furthermore, Oyo Boy is the nephew of former Senator Tito Sotto, the younger brother of actress Danica Sotto, and the half-brother of Pasig City Mayor Victor Sotto. He is also a cousin to Gian Sotto, Ciara Sotto, and the late Miko Sotto. Oyo Boy Sotto and Kristine Hermosa were married in 2011. They are a well-known pair in the Philippines’ entertainment business.

Kristine Hermosa

The couple is fortunate with a big family, as they are expecting their sixth child. Kristine Hermosa announced her pregnancy on social media, thanking God for his blessings as well as her husband, Oyo Boy Sotto’s love and support. Many people admire their marriage and family life, as they handle the joys and trials of parenting with love, faith, and togetherness.

Oyo Boy Sotto Age

In 2024, Oyo Boy Sotto will be 40. His birthday is January 12, 1984. Sotto began his career in show business at the age of three, appearing in the fantasy situational comedy “Okay Ka, Fairy Ko!” in 1987. He has appeared in TV shows such as “Lovingly Yours, Helen” and “Coney Reyes on Camera.” In 1993, at the age of nine, he appeared on GMA Telecine Specials.

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