Mean Girls the Musical Movie: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and More

Mean Girls the Musical Movie Release Date
Mean Girls the Musical Movie Release Date

Mean Girls, Tina Fey’s renowned 2004 teen comedy film, has become a cultural phenomenon, inspiring a Broadway musical adaptation in 2018.

The musical is now making a triumphant return to the big screen, with Fey and her husband, Jeff Richmond, adapting the stage production into a new musical film.

The film will feature new and original songs, as well as some returning cast members. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Mean Girls the Musical film, including the release date, cast, trailer, and more.

Mean Girls the Musical Movie Release Date

The Mean Girls the Musical film will be released on January 12, 2024, over MLK weekend in the United States. The picture will be released in theaters instead of on Paramount Pictures’ streaming service, Paramount+, as originally planned. The film will be released in the United Kingdom on January 19, 2024.

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Mean Girls the Musical Movie Cast: Who is Working on the Film?

The main cast for the movie musical is as follows:

  • Angourie Rice as Cady Heron
  • Auli’i Cravalho as Janis Ian
  • Jaquel Spivey as Damian Hubbard
  • Reneé Rapp as Regina George
  • Bebe Wood as Gretchen Wieners
  • Avantika Vandanapu as Karen Smith
  • Christopher Briney as Aaron Samuels
  • Tim Meadows as Principal Mr. Duvall
  • Tina Fey as Ms. Sharon Norbury
  • Busy Philipps as Mrs. George
  • Jenna Fisher as Mrs. Heron
  • Mahi Alam as Kevin Gnapoor
  • Connor Ratliff as Mr. Rapp
  • Jon Hamm as Coach Carr

Mean Girls the Musical Movie Trailer: is There a Trailer?

On November 8, 2023, Paramount Pictures released the first trailer for Mean Girls the Musical, and it looks fantastic.

The trailer has some of the musical numbers, including “It Roars,” “Apex Predator,” “Revenge Party,” and “I’d Rather Be Me,” as well as some of the original film’s classic sequences and phrases, like the Burn Book, the Halloween party, the talent show, and the four-way phone call. The teaser also highlights some of the film’s new components, such as updated references, diverse casting, and a new take on the plot.

Mean Girls the Musical Movie Plot

The plot of Mean Girls the Musical will be similar to that of the original film and stage performance,, but with various changes and additions. Cady Heron, who has been homeschooled in Africa, transfers to North Shore High School in the film.

She quickly befriends Janis and Damian, who warn her about the Plastics, the school’s most popular and dreaded girls. Cady decides to infiltrate and overthrow the Plastics from within, but their way of life and influence quickly corrupt her.

Mean Girls the Musical Movie
Mean Girls the Musical Movie

She also falls for Regina’s ex-boyfriend, Aaron Samuels, who becomes the spark for a series of confrontations and betrayals. Cady must learn to negotiate high school’s intricate social order while still discovering her true self.

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