Alisa Bowen Is Appointed President Of Disney+

Alisa Bowen president
Alisa Bowen president

As the new president of Disney+, Disney has appointed Alisa Bowen, who oversaw global business operations for Walt Disney’s streaming platforms.

According to a news release from the firm, Bowen has overseen the operations for Disney’s streaming services, including Disney+, since its launch in 2019. (September 29). During that time, Disney had a significant global expansion, reaching 154 markets. The total number of subscriptions reached 152.1 million.

Bowen will answer to Michael Paull, head of Disney’s direct-to-consumer division, in her new position.

Since the launch of Disney+, Alisa has been a vital part of our leadership team, according to Paull. She is ideally suited for this crucial role because she possesses a rare and valuable combination of in-depth institutional knowledge, forward-thinking innovation, and a global vision rooted in a strong focus on our consumers. I am confident that she will immediately and positively impact the business.

In a similar effort to Amazon Prime, Disney is also considering a new membership club to attempt and increase spending on streaming, parks, resorts, and goods.

Early in August, the conversations were still in their infancy, and some executives called it “Disney Prime,” despite the sources stressing that this wouldn’t be the platform’s official name.

The platform might impact providing clients with more excellent value and encouraging them to spend more money on its many items. Through this platform, Disney would also be able to learn more about client preferences.

This all occurred when CEO Bob Chapek pushed for the company to increase cross-selling, claiming that it should maximize its “unique synergy machine” given that one of the company’s strengths is its ability to reach customers in various ways.

Technology has provided “new ways to customize and personalize the consumer experience so that we are delivering entertainment, experiences, and products that are most relevant to each of our guests,” according to Kristina Schake, senior executive vice president and chief communications officer at the company.

Throughout the pandemic, the Disney+ streaming service has done well for itself, adding 14.4 million new subscribers for the quarter that ended July 2 – a higher figure than competitor Netflix had for that time frame.


Who oversees Disney Plus?

Matthew Paull
Michael Paull is in charge of Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, and Star+ internationally as President of Direct to Consumer for Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution (DMED).

Who was the previous head of Disney?

From 1995 until 1997, Michael Ovitz served as the Walt Disney Company’s president. Ovitz was let out after over a year because he didn’t get along with Michael Eisner, the firm’s chairman.

Disney’s subscriber count is how many?

With an outstanding 14.4 million new customers between April 2 and July 2, Disney+ finished fiscal Q3 with 152.1 million total streaming users. More specifically, there are currently 44.5 million subscribers to Disney+ in the United States and Canada. Internationally, it has 49.2 million more people.

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