Why Suki Trending On Twitter? Reality Star Reacts To Viral Video

Why Suki Trending On Twitter?
Why Suki Trending On Twitter?

On social media networks such as Twitter, it takes one minute for content to get viral, and it takes even less time for NSFW material to spread like wildfire. A similar situation happened with rapper and reality star Sukihana, who found herself to be a topic of conversation when one of her videos took center stage online.

Sukihana discovered herself to be a topic of discussion when one of her videos took center stage online. On the internet, users had a variety of responses to it, but it was certainly not something anyone anticipated seeing on their timelines.

A video that was taken by one of Sukhiana’s OnlyFans and posted online showed the reality star peeing, and as a result, the name Sukhiana began to trend on Twitter.

Online users reacted swiftly to the news, with several commenters describing the video as “disgusting,” “gross,” and other similar terms.

While this was going on, some of her OnlyFans subscribers did not appear too shocked by the film because it was a part of her OnlyFans subscription and she had begun posting it when COVID occurred.

What We Know About Suki?

Sukhiana is a reality celebrity, in addition to being a rapper and a social media presence. Love & Hip Hop: Miami featured her as a guest star at one point.

She has 758.1k followers on Twitter, 206k subscribers to her YouTube channel, and 2.1 million followers on Instagram at the present.

Why Suki Trending On Twitter?

on addition to releasing her own songs like “5 Foot Freestyle,” “Blame Trina,” and many more, Sukihana is best recognized for her feature on Cardi B’s smash hit “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion. Sukihana is also known for releasing her own songs.

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Reality Star Reacts To Viral Video

Sukihana finally broke her silence about the viral video while appearing in an interview on The Armon Wiggins Show.

She said: “It was a 100% piss. I love piss. I love to pee on myself. The thing is, I’m a disgusting person. People say that about me and I don’t give a f**k. You all can post my OnlyFans videos. I mean, I don’t do OnlyFans no more.”

She further added: “I feel like when they are saying disgusting they are not f**king lying. Whatever you heard about me is the truth. I don’t give a f**k. You know how you break barriers, you break by telling everything.”

Sukihana also addressed this on her Instagram by saying: “Child y’all still talking bout the old suki ?? Everyday I wake up I’m trending.” The reality star further made it clear that she is only did OnlyFans during the pandemic and is not ashamed fo the content she has posted. You can see the post below:

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