She-Hulk: who is Hulk King? Episode 7 Ending Explained

who is hulk king
who is hulk king

The seventh episode of She-Hulk closes with a dramatic revelation that will have lasting effects on Jennifer Walters as the season comes to a finale.

The shocking conclusion of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law episode 7 is likely to impact Jennifer Walters significantly. The end of the episode explains why Josh, the new guy in She-life, Hulk’s, decided to ghost her, even though Jen spends most of this episode evolving and genuinely reconciling with her more recent, greener half. Dark forces now possess She-gamma-irradiated Hulk’s blood, which is contrary to what Bruce Banner’s Smart Hulk insisted couldn’t happen.

She-Hulk episode 7 features Jen and Josh, who first connected at her friend’s wedding, going on a string of enjoyable dates before spending the night together at Jennifer’s house. She-Hulk was waiting for a text from the one person who seemed to value Jennifer Walters more than her new alter identity as She-Hulk, but when Josh didn’t respond in the days that followed, She-Hulk grew fixated on her phone. Audiences later learn that it was all a ruse, allowing Josh to approach her and rob her of her blood while she was sound asleep.

Although most of this new She-Hulk episode is devoted to Jennifer discovering a new sense of serenity while attending Abomination’s spa center, it is evident by the episode’s conclusion that She-Hulk is inadvertently in grave danger. The man she learns to let go of is also far more dangerous than she realizes because he works for the same organization that has been after her blood throughout the entire season. Here are the people Josh is working for, the secret villain’s plans for Jennifer’s blood, and the potential of a new Hulk making his MCU debut.

Who Josh Is Employed By

The final scene of She-Hulk episode 7 flashes back to the night Josh spent the night. He not only copied her phone’s data onto his device but also snapped a photo of her dozing. Josh then informs HulkKing via a string of emojis that he was successful in stealing She-blood. Hulk’s As seen in She-Hulk episode 6, HulkKing is the user administering the Cancel She-Hulk page on the Intelligencia website. As a result, it has regrettably become evident that HulkKing has employed Josh since he first met Jen at the wedding (whoever HulkKing might be in real life).

What the villain who will use She-blood Hulk will do

Given this unidentified villain’s username and affiliation with Intelligencia, it is likely that they need She-blood Hulk to either produce or become a new Hulk for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (such as the Red Hulk from the comics). Therefore, there is a good chance that Titania or Samuel Sterns (also known as The Leader) is the person using the HulkKing username. It wouldn’t be shocking if She-Hulk laid the framework for the Leader’s return to the MCU, given that she has been announced as the antagonist for Captain America: New World Order. The Leader and HulkKing may very possibly be the same individual, who in The Incredible Hulk developed supergenius intelligence after coming into contact with Banner’s blood in his brain.

However, Titania, played by Jameela Jamil, has shown that she is pretty envious of She-Hulk and her strength, stealing her attention as a social media influencer. Maybe she wants to take on the Hulk role in the MCU to reclaim that spotlight. In any case, Jennifer Walters’ blood has undoubtedly ended up in the wrong hands due to the shocking conclusion of She-Hulk episode 7.

How Potent the New She-Hulk Will Be

Intelligencia invented the Red Hulk in the Marvel Universe in comic books. As a result, a similar occurrence might occur in the MCU now that Josh has provided HulkKing with a sample of Jennifer’s gamma blood. All that would be required is a test subject. However, it will likely have to be someone who possesses the same unique genetic markers that Jennifer and Bruce do, which enabled them to digest the gamma radiation in a particular way without perishing. It’s possible that the lab employed by HulkKing, seen after She-Hulk episode 6, will discover a way to duplicate those same genetic components, enabling anyone they want to turn into a Hulk in the process. As a result, it’s a precarious ability to possess in the MCU, and Banner actively tried to stop it in both the first appearances of She-Hulk and The Incredible Hulk by using his blood in The Incredible Hulk.

Theoretically, anyone using the serum created by HulkKing and his Intelligencia connections will gain the same strength as Bruce Banner’s Hulk or Jennifer Walter’s She-Hulk (if not stronger). Titania, for instance, already possesses several powerful superpowers. The social media supervillain might grow even more potent in upcoming episodes if she develops Hulk-like powers in addition to her current abilities. Although Jennifer Walters has not yet learned the tragic truth about Josh, it is highly likely that as She-Hulk: Attorney at Law approaches its conclusion, she will soon face several gamma-powered threats.


What harm did Eros do to She-Hulk?

Eros (Starfox) is accused of sexually assaulting a married woman in the 2005 She-Hulk series. He appoints Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk), Bruce Banner’s cousin, as his defense attorney after collaborating with her on the Avengers team. Walters, however, suspects that Eros has been swaying the jury’s judgment throughout the trial.

Is She-Hulk related to the Hulk?

The ferocious She-Hulk
The little and reticent daughter of Los Angeles County Sheriff William Morris Walters and Elaine (née Banner) Walters, Jennifer Walters is Bruce Banner’s (Hulk) cousin (who died in a car crash when Jennifer was 17).

Who had sex with She-Hulk?

Her longest-lasting romance was with Wyatt Wingfoot, the Human Torch’s 6-foot-5 college roommate. However, she has also dated Clay Quartermain of S.H.I.E.L.D., Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man), Hercules, and Luke Cage, the latter rumored to have slept with other superheroines.

Is She-Hulk a child of The Hulk?

The fictional antihero She-Hulk (Lyra) can be found in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She is from an alternate future of Marvel’s main chronology and the offspring of Thundra and the 616 Hulk in that world.

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