Nikki Thoth Divorce: The Truth Behind the YouTube Couple Breakup

Nikki Thoth Divorce
Nikki Thoth Divorce

Nikki Thot and Jamie Perkins were once one of the most popular YouTube couples, with millions of admirers following their interracial marriage, family life, and travels. They startled their fans in 2019 when they announced their divorce after six years of marriage and two children.

What happened to their seemingly ideal relationship? And who is Nikki Thot currently dating? Everything you need to know about Nikki Thot’s divorce is right here.

Who is Nikki Thot?

Nikki Thot is a Sudanese-Australian model and YouTuber who was born in Sudan and migrated with her family to Egypt and then Australia. She has four siblings, including her popular model twin sister Nyadak “Duckie” Thot.

Nikki began her YouTube career in 2012 with a video of her boyfriend Jamie Perkins proposing to her in Paris. The pair decided to film their wedding and lives together on their YouTube channel “Jamie and Nikki” after the video went viral.


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Who is Jamie Perkins?

Jamie Perkins is a Melbourne-born Australian musician and YouTuber. He began his YouTube career in 2006 by uploading videos of himself playing drums and guitar. He met Nikki Thot online in 2011, and the two began dating soon after. He proposed in 2012, and they married in 2013. Ava Sarah (born in 2015) and Zoe Grace (born in 2017) are their two kids.

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Why Did Jamie and Nikki Divorce?

Jamie and Nikki confirmed their divorce in August 2019, after months of speculation from their followers. They each recorded separate videos on their respective channels, stating that they had grown apart and that it was a mutual decision.

Nikki Thoth Divorce
Nikki Thoth Divorce

However, in October 2023, Jamie posted another video portraying the ugly side of their marriage and accusing Nikki of abuse and infidelity.

Jamie alleged that Nikki had cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend, who had been a source of contention from the first year of their marriage. He claimed to have uncovered “undeniable” texts between them and chose to leave her.

He also claimed that Nikki was domineering, isolating, emotionally abusive, and violent towards him. He posted a video of her beating him with a sneaker during an altercation. He said that his mental health suffered as a result of the connection and that he was diagnosed with PTSD, situational depression, and extreme social anxiety.

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Jamie further claimed that Nikki was attempting to harm his career and reputation by spreading lies about him to everyone he knew. He stated that he had been trying to retain his role as a parent in his girls’ life and that he had to battle for custody.

Who is Nikki Thot Dating Now?

Since her divorce from Jamie Perkins, Nikki Thot has not publicly acknowledged her dating status. She has, however, been linked to a number of guys, including rapper ASAP Rocky, actor Michael B. Jordan, and NBA player Ben Simmons. She has also been seen with her ex-boyfriend, with whom Jamie accused her of adultery.

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Nikki has not openly addressed Jamie’s charges of violence and infidelity. She has, however, posted some cryptic statements on social media, implying that she is happy and moving on with her life.


Nikki Thot’s divorce shocked many followers who had been following the YouTube couple’s journey for years. While they originally pretended that their divorce was amicable, Jamie later revealed the terrible reality of their marriage and accused Nikki of infidelity and abusing him.

Nikki has not directly replied to his charges, but she has been linked to other guys. Despite their differences, the ex-couple has two girls with whom they strive to co-parent. You can also follow us on Twitter for information regarding celebrity divorces and breakups.

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