Is Pyrocynical Gay? The Truth Behind the YouTube Star S*xuality

Is Pyrocynical Gay
Is Pyrocynical Gay

Pyrocynical is a well-known YouTube personality with over 4.5 million subscribers. He is well-known for his commentary videos, in which he expresses his thoughts on a variety of themes such as memes, drama, gaming, and internet culture.

He is also a member of the Working on Dying collective, which includes other producers and rappers. One question that has frequently been raised regarding Pyrocynical is his s*xuality. Is he bis*xual, gay, or straight? So far, here’s what we know.

Is Pyrocynical Gay?

No, Pyrocynical is not homos*xual. Pyrocynical’s s*xuality has been a source of contention among fans for quite some time. Many people have remarked on his physical attractiveness, calling him a “cute little lesbian.” Pyrocynical has acknowledged and even made fun of these statements in several of his videos.

With his distinctive haircut and slightly effeminate appearance, he admits that he may give the wrong impression at first glance. It’s worth noting, however, that Pyrocynical has been open about his s*xuality. He has said unequivocally that he is straight and has no desire for same-s*x partnerships.

His witty response to comments about his appearance should not be misinterpreted as an accurate depiction of his s*xual orientation. Pyrocynical was recently seen kissing a man, an online personality named Chad, in an Instagram image with the remark “I’m gay.”


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While this message may have raised some eyebrows, keep in mind that Pyrocynical is recognized for his wit and comedy. This post was most likely just another one of his jokes or a publicity ploy, rather than a true proclamation of his s*xual orientation.

Furthermore, Pyrocynical has solely been in relationships with women in the past, indicating that his s*xual orientation is not gay. When it comes to recognizing his genuine s*xuality, it’s critical to respect his own statements as well as the relationships he’s had. Speculation and jokes about someone’s appearance should not be used to determine their s*xual inclinations.

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The Rumors and Speculations

The rumors and speculations about Pyrocynical’s s*xuality have been circulating for a long time. Some of the reasons why people have questioned his s*xual orientation are:

His appearance

His haircut, attire, and facial traits have made Pyrocynical look like a “cute little lesbian” or “femboy” to some fans. In some of his videos, Pyrocynical jokes about these comments.

His Instagram post

 Pyrocynical uploaded a photo of him kissing online celebrity Chad in 2017 with the message “I’m gay”. This post confused his supporters, who wondered if he was coming out or a troll.

His relationships

Pyrocynical has never admitted to dating. However, other fans believe he dated Dolan Dark, NFKRZ, or Hyojin, his pals or associates.

His allegations

Pyrocynical was accused of grooming 15-year-old Ivory Rasmus at 19 in 2020. Ivory said Pyrocynical emailed him furry porn and fetish movies. Pyrocynical denied wanting to have s*xual relations with Ivory.

Who Is Pyrocynical Currently Dating?

Pyrocynical may be in a relationship with Ida, also known as “Daflummify” on Twitter. According to rumors, these two have been dating since 2020. Before Ida entered the picture, however, Pyrocynical was in a confirmed relationship with another YouTube star, Hyojin Choi, affectionately known as “Squizzy,” from 2016 to 2019.

However, their relationship was not ideal, as Choi was subject to a number of severe allegations at the time. Interestingly, the two of them parted ways in 2019, with Choi emphasizing that despite the difficulties they had endured, they remained on good terms.

Pyrocynical’s potential involvement with Ida has piqued the interest of admirers, with many speculating about where this relationship may go in the future. For more information related to other stars’ personal lives, including their s*xuality and more, you can follow us on Twitter and check out our latest posts.

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