Is Camilo Wife Pregnant? The Truth About the Colombian Singer’s Family Plans

Is Camilo Wife Pregnant
Is Camilo Wife Pregnant

Camilo, a Colombian singer-songwriter best known for singles such as “Tutu,” “Vida de Rico,” and “Ropa Cara,” is one of Latin music’s most popular and successful singers.

He is also noted for his romantic relationship with his wife, Evaluna Montaner, the daughter of Venezuelan artist Ricardo Montaner, who is also a singer and actor.

The couple married in February 2020 and had their first child, a daughter called Indigo, in April 2022. But are they going to have another baby soon? Here’s what we know about Camilo’s wife’s pregnancy and their family plans.

Is Camilo Wife Pregnant?

Yes, Camilo’s wife, Evaluna, is pregnant with their second child. They lovingly made the announcement, with Camilo crafting a wonderful poem for Evaluna to convey the news.


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Their daughter, Índigo, will soon become a big sister to their expecting addition, whom they intend to call Amaranto. Evaluna revealed on Instagram that Camilo wrote the poem for her before they even knew she was pregnant.

She added that while flying from Madrid to Miami, they began brainstorming a name for their unborn child, and they soon discovered that Evaluna was pregnant. The couple is excited to see their new baby, and Índigo is anxious to care for her smaller sibling.

Who is Camilo’s Wife?

Camilo’s wife is named Evaluna Montaner. She is a multi-talented individual who has performed as an actor, singer, music director, dancer, and television presenter.


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Evaluna is the daughter of Ricardo Montaner, a famous singer, and the younger sister of Mauricio and Ricardo Montaner, also known as Mau and Ricky. Evaluna’s career covers multiple entertainment areas, demonstrating her adaptability and ingenuity.

As an actor, she has participated in television shows and films, enthralling audiences with her performances. Evaluna has also built a name for herself as a singer, captivating audiences with her lovely voice and musical ability. She has also proved her ability as a music director, helping to create compelling soundscapes.

Evaluna Montaner Age

As of 2024, Evaluna Montaner will be 26 years old. She was born on August 7, 1997, in Caracas, Venezuela, to Ricardo Montaner and Marlene Rodríguez, but raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

She had a strong interest in music and dancing since she was a child, learning to play the piano and harp and mastering numerous dance techniques.

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