Who Is Meadow Rain Walker? What Is Known About Paul Walker’s Daughter?

What Is Known About Paul Walker’s Daughter

When The Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker died in a vehicle accident in 2013, many fans were shocked to hear that the 40-year-old actor was also the father of a teenage daughter whom he had managed to keep out of the public eye. While the world lamented the loss of this charismatic icon, they were also concerned about the obstacles that a young girl growing up without a father would face.

Meadow Walker, on the other hand, grew up, and the now-22-year-old has moved out on her own as a rising supermodel star who’s already worked with companies like Givenchy and Proenza Schouler—but she’s still outspoken about how her famous father affected her from an early age.

“I was a tomboy growing up.” There was no emphasis on education in my upbringing, particularly with my father (makeup). “We’d do boys’ activities, roll around in the dirt, play soccer, and just have a good time,” she recently told Vogue. “I grew up with crystals in the house and I actually have my dad’s complete collection, perhaps more than 30—including big ones the size of a laptop—in my apartment,” she said of another habit she inherited from her father. “I’ve been charging them out in the moonlight for as long as I can remember.”

Following Walker’s posthumous cameo in Fast and Furious 9, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this blossoming, fascinating celebrity, including her new husband!

What does Meadow Walker do for a living?

Walker, interestingly, walks—down runways! She opened Givenchy’s newest ready-to-wear show a few months ago.

She also walked the runway for Proenza Schouler alongside another rising star, Vice President Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff!

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Meadow Walker is she in a relationship?

Yes! Walker was engaged to Louis Thornton-Allan, who is apparently an actor—but presumably, still, an up-and-coming one, as he doesn’t appear to have any credits on IMDb—in August 2021, according to TMZ (although, on his Instagram profile, he notes that he is attending or did attend Stella Adler, a famous acting school in New York City).

Walker hinted at their engagement on August 9 when she posted an Instagram video of herself softly showing off a diamond ring on her left hand while swimming in a pool. She captioned the video with heart emojis.

Walker and Thornton-courtship Allan’s appears to be fast and furious, as they made their relationship Instagram-official approximately four weeks prior. That’s when he posted a photo of himself calling Walker his “best friend.”

On Oct. 22, images uploaded online revealed that the two married in a private ceremony with Meadow’s late father’s best friend, Fast and Furious star Vin Diesel, escorting her down the aisle.

The bride and groom have since shared several joyful photographs from their wedding day on Instagram.

Who is Meadow Walker’s mom?

Rebecca Soteros is most usually identified as Walker’s ex-girlfriend. Soteros, who was approximately the same age as Walker at the time, dated him “in his early 20s right before his career took off,” according to GossipCop. (He was about 25 years old when Meadow was born.) “From previous interviews with Walker, it appears their relationship wasn’t particularly serious, and being pregnant surprised them both by surprise,” the outlet added.

Walker acknowledged in an interview just before his death that he wasn’t ready to settle down and commit when Soteros became pregnant. “I knew where I was with chicks and having a good time. “I mean, for crying out loud, I was sleeping with her buddies,” he told WENN. “What let me off the hook emotionally was that I was at least financially supplying, but emotionally I wasn’t there yet.” He did, however, express gratitude that he “had her at 25 [years old] and not 20 because, at 40 and 15, we’re matching up sweet!”

Meadow Walker was she adopted?

When it comes to who raised Meadow, there have been some twists and turns—and rumors—but she has never been adopted. She lived in Hawaii with her mother until she was about 13 years old, when she came to California to live with Walker. Walker told Entertainment Weekly about the shift approximately eight months before his death: “My daughter lives with me full time now, and she’s the best companion I’ve ever had.” It’s insane. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.”

Following Walker’s death, Soteros and Cheryl Walker, Paul’s mother and Meadow’s paternal grandmother, engaged in a custody dispute. Cheryl reportedly filed legal documents to seek guardianship of Meadow, claiming that Soteros was unfit to parent Meadow owing to drinking difficulties. (It was alleged that Soteros was detained for drunk driving in 2003 and 2013.) However, the two parties were able to reach a deal before the case went to court.

Why doesn’t Meadow Walker communicate with his family?

Meadow was allegedly pleased with the custody agreement her mother and grandmother worked out, but there have been stories since that Meadow has grown distant from the Walker family. Meadow doesn’t talk to Paul’s siblings Cody and Caleb, or their mother,” a source told the UK’s TheSun in 2019. She’s shut everyone out… ” The entire situation has devastated the family’s heart. Just thinking about it drives them to tears.” The source, however, expressed hope that “time is a great healer and they will all be there with open arms if she ever decides to make contact.”

Who is Meadow Walker’s godfather? 

Maybe you’ve heard of this man named Vin Diesel. After becoming famously close to Walker during Fast and Furious production, Diesel was honored to be Meadow’s godfather. Following Walker’s terrible death, Diesel fulfilled his godfather duties admirably, always watching out for Meadow and treating her as if she were one of his own children. Meadow hasn’t forgotten about love and commitment; just a few weeks ago, she posted a photo on Instagram of her and Diesel’s oldest kid wrapping him up in a group hug. She captioned the photo, “Family.” “All love,” Diesel responded. Always…”

Last year, she also posted a selfie with all three of Diesel’s children with model Paloma Jimenez, labeling it “Family, forever.”

Meadow just traveled from New York to Los Angeles to attend the premiere of Fast & Furious 9.

What was Paul Walker’s daughter’s inheritance?

Meadow Walker acquired the entirety of her father Paul’s fortune, which is estimated to be worth $25 million, as reported in early 2014. She appears to have utilized at least some of that fortune to honor her father by establishing The Paul Walker Foundation in his honor, with a focus on protecting the oceans that her father adored. “The Paul Walker Foundation’s mission is to serve as an enduring beacon of Paul’s unique spirit, far-reaching goals, and spontaneous goodwill,” according to the organization’s website. “One of the primary ways [Meadow] intends to meet this challenge is by assisting tomorrow’s ocean leaders in becoming lighthouses in the fight to safeguard our seas, wildlife, and ourselves.”


Did Paul Walker have any children?

Just a youngster; unique. Walker’s only kid was Meadow. On November 4, 1998, she was born.

Meadow Walker, how old is she?

She will be 22 years old in June 2021. On November 4, 1998, she was born.

Who exactly is Paul Walker Meadow?

Meadow Walker confessed in 2020 that she suffered a “debilitating” abortion. The 23-year-old daughter of late “Fast and Furious” star Paul Walker made the announcement on Instagram on Friday, in the aftermath of the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Meadow Walker’s occupation is unknown.

Meadow Rain Walker Model / Profession
A model is someone who works to sell, show, or advertise commercial things, as well as to serve as a visual help for persons who are making works of art or posing for photographs. Though female models predominate, male models exist, particularly to model apparel.

What was Paul’s daughter’s inheritance?

$25 million USD
While the Fast & Furious movies will be Paul’s legacy to the world, his bequest to his daughter was a trust entitling her to his whole Estate worth $25 million.

Who currently owns Paul Walker’s house?

 Paul Walker’s Will

Rather than transferring his property to one or more heirs, Mr. Walker’s will “poured over” his estate’s assets to the trustee specified in his revocable living trust.

Did Paul Walker’s daughter sell his automobiles?

Buyers paid between £169,200 and £200,000 ($220,000-$258,500) for the other four. Walker’s white E30 M3s were also offered. Meadow Rain Walker, Paul’s daughter, has retained some of the 21 cars after settling a case with Porsche out of court for an undisclosed price two years ago.

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