‘PEN15’ Star Maya Erskine Is Pregnant, Reveals Baby’s Sex!!

Star Maya Erskine Is pregnant, Reveals Baby's Sex
Star Maya Erskine Is pregnant, Reveals Baby's Sex

Get ready for some exciting news! Maya Erskine, the talented star from “PEN15,” has something special to share: she’s going to have a baby! But that’s not all – she’s also revealed the baby’s gender. Let’s dive deeper into this delightful announcement and learn more about Maya’s new phase of life.

‘PEN15’ Star Maya Erskine Is Pregnant, Reveals Baby’s Sex

Maya Erskine delighted her fans on Wednesday by revealing the happy news of her second pregnancy in a heartfelt Instagram post.

Alongside her husband Michael Angarano, the PEN15 actress shared a sweet photo of Erskine wearing a stylish black outfit that subtly highlighted her growing baby bump.

Erskine wrote, “Baby sister coming this summer 🌸💕,” as the caption for the photo, expressing joy for their newest family member.

The couple has already opened out to the world about their parenting path. Leon Frederick, Erskine and Angarano’s first child, was welcomed in May 2021.

Their experience during pregnancy and the early stages of parenthood was previously recorded in an interview with Vogue. In that conversation, Erskine shared the heartfelt moment she found out she was going to have her first child.

'PEN15' Star Maya Erskine Is Pregnant, Reveals Baby's Sex
‘PEN15’ Star Maya Erskine Is Pregnant, Reveals Baby’s Sex

Erskine said, “I found out at Michael’s parent’s house in late July.” I told Anna once I went to the doctor to confirm, so I think that was August.”

At the 73rd annual Primetime Emmy Awards in 2021, Erskine and her co-star Anna Konkle from PEN15 talked about parenting and what they had to do to get through TV’s greatest night, like a little pumping and dumping.

Konkle said, “We both have babies at home who are waiting for milk. And he was up all night last night, so I think I might go home.”

And it meant that in order for the two to enjoy their time at the Emmys, some “pumping and dumping” was necessary. “A lot of pumping during the ceremony, not kidding,” Konkle stated.

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