Who Is Lala Kent Dating After Split With Randall Emmett: Says New Man Is ‘a Unicorn’

Who Is Lala Kent Dating
Who Is Lala Kent Dating

Back on your horse? Lala Kent gave hints about a possible new relationship a year after she broke up with her ex-boyfriend Randall Emmett.

During an appearance on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live, the 32-year-old Vanderpump Rules star said, “No, I’m not dating anyone,” but she also said, “I think I might be in love with someone.”

On Friday, October 7, the Utah native told host Jeff Lewis that her new love interest is 38 years old and “local.” Kent said, “My friend has been trying to set us up for a long time, and we finally met.” “That was the third time we’ve hung out together. We had a great time.”

The host of the “Give Them Lala” podcast said that when she saw his face, it was “game over” for her, but that his personality is what has her hooked. “I really like his mind. She said, “He’s very smart.” “What he says doesn’t match what he looks like. He is a unicorn.”

The Bravo star couldn’t stop gushing about her new beau, saying things like, “I’m going to need to have his baby or something.” Lewis, 52, told her to “slow down.”

If things between Kent and her mystery man get more serious, it would be the founder of Giving The Lala Skin’s first real relationship since she and Emmett, 51, broke up in the fall of 2021. There were rumors that the Midnight in the Switchgrass director was cheating on his wife, so the couple broke up.

After she and Emmett broke up, the reality star told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview earlier this year that she had “no desire to be in a relationship.”

Kent told Us in July, “I do feel very wary.” “I think that even if the perfect man walked into my life, I would still be like, ‘It’s just not the right time.'”

The author of “Give the Lala,” who has an 18-month-old daughter with the director, said that she “would love more kids” but doesn’t want “more baby daddies.”

Kent went on: “I’ve only been out of my last relationship for about nine months, but right now, a sperm donor is the only option I would consider. I’m not very brave right now.”

Even though the founder of Give Them Lala Beauty wasn’t ready for love at the time, she told Us that the money she spent on plastic surgery made her very ready for a “hot girl summer.”

“Oh, my gosh. I like my new breasts. “I love my new breasts and I love my new ear,” she said in July. Earlier in the year, she had breast implants and her ear was fixed. “They pinned my left ear back. Find a picture of me from the past when my hair was back. This ear is cut off, I’m telling you. Look at her now. She is so sweet.”

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