Tameka Harris aka Tiny Before and after her Controversial Plastic Surgery

Tameka Harris Before and After
Tameka Harris Before and After

Everyone went crazy with excitement because the 10-year challenge is going around on social media, and all celebrities have started posting pictures from 2009 and from 2019 as well. Tiny Harri’s desire to post old photos has also been set free, and she has shared a lot of them.

Even the usual haters are happy for her, but it goes without saying that her fans are too. Here’s what Tiny wrote on her Instagram. Someone said, “It just gets better with time. What we know now makes us more beautiful than what we knew then.”

Another fan made fun of Tiny by posting, “You just have enough money to get more plastic surgery.” If it were real, I’d be more impressed.’

Tameka Harris Cosmetic Surgery and Rumors

Tiny Harris is proud to be both a mother of six children and the owner of a new booty. Wendy Williams asked, as she showed off a picture of her new back tattoo, “Is that a natural booty or a bought booty?” Tiny says, “It’s a little of both,” which makes the loud studio audience laugh and applaud in agreement. She also said that she has had breast implants in the past. The reality show star said, “I’ve always had a lot of breasts, but after three babies, they sag.”

Illegal procedures she’s done on herself

Some people have strong feelings about Tiny Harris’s plastic surgery. Her doctor told her that this procedure is against the law in the United States, but it is safe for the patient as long as she follows the instructions during recovery. It will only be there for three months. If the patient really wants to get rid of the new colours, the surgeon can do it using the same methods without any problems. On the other hand, a doctor in the US has found that this kind of cosmetic surgery could lead to cataracts and glaucoma. The public also has some things to say about what Harris did. A lot of them are upset about this change.

Also, Harris said in a statement that her body is her own and that she can do whatever she wants with it. Even though it’s her body, as a well-known person, any change will have a big effect. Even though many people still argue about the surgery, it was in the middle of the hustle family. He says that he is happy as long as Tameka and their children are healthy. Tiny Harris before plastic surgery or Tiny Harris after plastic surgery?

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