JD Harmeyer Divorce: What Happened to the Radio Star Marriage?

JD Harmeyer Divorce
JD Harmeyer Divorce

Jamie Daniel Harmeyer, also known as JD Harmeyer, is an American radio personality and media producer who is best known for his work on The Howard Stern Show.

He is also a frequent guest on other programs and podcasts and co-host of the podcast The Wrap-Up Show. But what happened to his marriage to the cosmetics artist and LGBTQ activist Jennifer Tanko? And have they truly separated? Here is an overview of JD Harmeyer’s divorce and its causes.

The Beginning of Their Relationship

In 2016, JD Harmeyer and Jennifer Tanko were set up on a blind date by a mutual acquaintance. They connected immediately and began dating shortly thereafter. JD revealed their relationship to the public in February 2017 on The Howard Stern Show.

He also disclosed that Jennifer was his first significant girlfriend, with whom he was extremely content. After JD’s Valentine’s Day proposal to Jennifer, the couple became engaged in February 2018.

JD Harmeyer Divorce
JD Harmeyer Divorce

They resolved to have a low-key wedding in Las Vegas, where they first vacationed together. On August 25, 2018, they exchanged vows in a private ceremony witnessed by only close family and friends. They did not invite any coworkers from The Howard Stern Show, but they subsequently received their congratulations and best wishes.

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The Signs of Trouble

For the first few years, JD Harmeyer and Jennifer Tanko appeared to enjoy a happy and secure marriage. They shared an apartment in New York City, where they both worked.

They also went on vacation together to places like California, Hawaii, and Mexico. They posted images and videos of themselves on social media to express their love and adventures. Things began to alter in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world.

JD Harmeyer was forced to relocate to Los Angeles briefly while The Howard Stern Show relocated there because of lockup regulations in New York. Jennifer Tanko remained in New York because she had a job and clientele there. The couple had to deal with the difficulties of a long-distance relationship.

Their marriage suffered as a result of the distance and stress of the pandemic. They began to grow apart, with less communication and closeness. They also had opposing viewpoints and lifestyles, which led to disagreements and arguments.

JD Harmeyer was more shy and introverted, whereas Jennifer Tanko was more outgoing and daring. JD Harmeyer was uninterested in exercise and health, whereas Jennifer Tanko was devoted to them. JD Harmeyer was unsupportive of Jennifer Tanko’s fight for LGBTQ rights, despite the fact that Tanko was quite loud about them.

The Rumors of Divorce

JD Harmeyer’s divorce rumors began to circulate in late 2022, when fans noticed certain changes in their social media accounts. JD Harmeyer removed his wedding ring and deleted all photos of himself and Jennifer Tanko from his Instagram account.

Jennifer Tanko deactivated her Instagram account and unfollowed JD Harmeyer on Twitter. In 2023, neither of them posted anything about their anniversary or Valentine’s Day. Some comments made by J.D. Harmeyer’s coworkers on The Howard Stern Show inflamed the allegations even more.

JD Harmeyer was single again, according to Howard Stern, who joked about putting him up with other ladies. Robin Quivers also remarked that JD Harmeyer was going through a divorce and inquired how he was coping. JD Harmeyer did not confirm or reject the allegations, but he was uneasy and evasive whenever the subject was brought up.

JD Harmeyer Divorce

In March 2023, JD Harmeyer verified his divorce from Jennifer Tanko when he announced it on The Wrap-Up Show. He reported that he and Jennifer Tanko had been separated for several months and had applied for divorce in January 2023.

JD Harmeyer Divorce
JD Harmeyer Divorce

He stated that they had diverged over time and that their differences were irreconcilable. He stated that they still cared for one another, but they were no longer compatible. He continued by saying that despite his sadness and wounds from the divorce, he was making an effort to move on with his life.

He stated that he was concentrating on his work and hobbies, which included viewing movies and playing video games. He stated that he was not yet ready to start dating again but was open to meeting new individuals in the future.

JD Harmeyer Net Worth

J. D. Harmeyer’s estimated wealth is $300,000. TV personality and radio producer best known for The Howard Stern Show The show has employed him as a producer, writer, and host since 2005.

Harmeyer has appeared on Loveline and written for Maxim and Playboy, in addition to The Howard Stern Show. He co-hosts the Wrap Up podcast. Harmeyer’s net wealth undoubtedly comes from his wage on The Howard Stern Show and other television and literary endeavors.

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