Bloom Into You Season 2: Do We Have A Release Date Status? Is A Sequel Coming?

Bloom Into You Season 2: Do We Have A Release Date Status? Is A Sequel Coming?

If and when “Bloom into You” will continue with Season 2, you can find out here. Although it has become quiet about the anime series, the chances of a sequel are not bad.

After the end of “Bloom into You,” a few questions remain unanswered. What will happen to the school committee play? Can Toko finally overcome her self-doubt and Yuu admit her feelings towards Toko? So fans of the Yuri anime are rightly wondering whether “Bloom into You” will get a sequel.

Is A Sequel To “Bloom into You” Likely?

With a little less than two-thirds, the anime has not yet implemented the complete story of the mango template. So there is still some material left that can serve as a film for dramatic moments in season 2 or a sequel. The success of the Yuri anime is not to be sniffed at either.

The manga romped about representing the Yuri genre with numerous places in many charts. In 2018, in a survey by the show AnimeJapan, a consumer fair where many animation studios are represented, it was ranked third in fans’ most anticipated anime adaptations.

The anime adaptation itself is also quite popular with fans and critics. However, Studio Troy, a comparatively young and small animation studio, produced the anime. Lately, it has been busy implementing two sequels to “Idolish7”. A new project is not yet known. So there is material for a sequel, the studio has the capacity, and the success of the series also speaks for a second season.

Only the end of season 1 would speak against it. Even if it has cliffhanger qualities, the exit from the plot in the previous finale of the series has been cleverly chosen. After their day together in the aquarium, Yuu takes the hand of Yuu, who has fallen asleep next to her, on the train home.

You know the plans for the rewritten play and the possible consequences for Toko and self-acceptance. So the happy ending is just a matter of your head, as the course has long been set. Season 2 would only visualize the following events. But do we want to pass up the chance to see Yuu and Toko happily united? Hardly likely! So when could season 2 be waiting for you?

Is There A Release Date For “Bloom into You” Season 2?

Since season 2 has not yet been officially announced, a release date is purely speculation. Assuming that after the production of “Idolish7: Third Beat!” Beginning with the planning for season 2 or a film sequel to “Bloom into You,” the Japanese launch is not expected until summer 2022 at the earliest.

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