Why Did Jeffrey Dahmer’s “Serial Killer” Wear Aviator Glasses?

Jeffrey Dahmer glasses
Jeffrey Dahmer glasses

Aviator sunglasses are very popular right now. Everyone from Joe Biden to Zac Efron has a pair. The thin wire-framed glasses with dark lenses have become a popular accessory for sunny days because, as Twitter user @krysilove said in a tweet, “Everyone looks good in aviator glasses. That has a great shape.”

When aviator frames are paired with clear lenses, they aren’t as popular. It seems like the glasses aren’t as cool when they have prescription lenses in them for everyday use. Even though Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner have been seen wearing them, it’s clear that they were only worn to make a fashion statement.

Jon Heder wore aviator glasses in the 2004 movie Napoleon Dynamite, and (checks notes) serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was also known to wear them.

People Talk A Lot About The Aviator Glasses Jeffrey Dahmer Wore

Jeffrey Dahmer‘s aviator glasses have been a popular topic on Twitter for years. And now that Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, the most recent biopic series on Netflix, is out, the talk is starting up again.

Even though Dahmer is not the first person to wear aviator glasses, they are all anyone can talk about. Still, on social media, aviators are often thought of as Jeffrey Dahmer glasses.


But while glasses are most often associated with Dahmer, he is only one of a few serial killers who wore aviators or glasses that look like aviators. In the past, there has been a connection between these glasses and people who kill without mercy. In fact, this trend has been made fun of on social media.


Dennis Rader, also known as the BTK Strangler, killed ten people in Kansas from 1974 to 1991. He also had a pair of clear-lens glasses like Dahmer’s.

Ed Kemper, a serial killer from California, killed six college students, his mother, and her best friend in the early 1970s. He also wore glasses like these.

Also, Dorothea Puente was a serial killer, but she didn’t wear aviators. Instead, she wore oversized glasses with thicker frames that were similar to aviators.

At the same time, the police sketch of the Zodiac Killer, who is thought to be Gary Francis Poste, showed that he wore big-lens glasses.

Now, just to clear things up, I’m not saying that people who wear aviator glasses are serial killers. But it is interesting that these killers all wear the same glasses.

So why would they all pick glasses that look the same? People tend to think that people who wear glasses are more attractive and trustworthy. This could just be a strange coincidence, but it could also help serial killers find their victims.

Also, Harvey Slovis, who used to be a lawyer, told Ethics Alarm that glasses are part of the “nerd defense” in court. Even when there was evidence against them, clients who wore glasses and dressed well were often found not guilty.

He says, “Glasses soften the look of [suspects] so they don’t look like they could commit a violent crime.” Maybe Dahmer was thinking the same thing.

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