Real Life Apartment Once Owned By Jeffrey Dahmer Pictures: Where He Kill His Victims

Real Life Apartment Once Owned By Jeffrey Dahmer Pictures
Real Life Apartment Once Owned By Jeffrey Dahmer Pictures

Since Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story came out on Netflix, people are talking about the case of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer again. The 10-part series tells the stories of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims, his family, and his neighbors. It also shows how he killed about 17 men and boys, most of them in his own apartment.

The show is a very good representation of what happened in the horrible true story. Here’s what Jeffrey Dahmer’s real-life apartment looked like on the inside and how the building he used to live in looks now.

Jeffrey Dahmer lives At The Oxford Apartments. Here The Pictures

Jeffrey Dahmer lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in apartment 213 of the Oxford Apartments at 924 North 25th Street. According to FBI records, he lived there after spending about nine years with his grandmother. In the show, we see that Jeffrey did a number of horrible things in this apartment.

The apartment building had 49 units each had one bedroom. The apartment in the Netflix show looks a lot like the one I live in. He really did have things like the beat-up beige couch and the fish tank.

At 924 North 25th Street, What Happened?

Dahmer mostly went after gay black men he met at bus stops, bars, malls, and adult bookstores in the area. The New York Times said that he would get the men to come home with him by offering them beer or money if they would pose naked.

Dahmer would then poison the drinks of his victims before killing them. The newspaper at the time said that he kept the bodies of several of his victims in his fridge and even ate some of their parts.

After he was caught, Dahmer told the police, “I didn’t want them to leave.”

What Did Police Find At His Apartment?

According to The New York Times, Dahmer’s apartment was loaded with gear that prompted officials to think it was a “killing factory.” Police discovered ether and chloroform, thought to have been used to dose his victims, as well as a barrel of hydrochloric acid, used to disintegrate and preserve the men’s remains. Inside this 57-gallon barrel, cops discovered three decomposing torsos.

According to FBI records, the authorities recovered eleven beheaded and dismembered bodies in his flat. According to the records, they also discovered a variety of knives and sawblades, a hypodermic needle, and an electric drill.

He also Dismembered Victims At The Milwaukee Home Of His Grandmother

According to The Cinemaholic, when Jeffrey was released from the army in 1981 due to alcoholism, he resided with his stepmother and father (portrayed by Molly Ringwald and Richard Jenkins in the series). According to Distractify, Jeffrey proceeded to drink heavily and was eventually arrested for disorderly conduct.

After the incident, Jeffrey’s father moved him to live in Wisconsin with his grandmother Catherine Dahmer. The situation deteriorated further from there.

By 1987, Jeffrey was killing people again. The biography says that he killed his second victim, Steven Tuomi, in a hotel room and then took the body back to his grandmother’s house to cut it up. During the nine years he lived with his grandmother, he is thought to have killed at least three other people and cut Steven Tuomi into pieces.

In the end, Jeffrey’s grandmother asked him to leave her house in 1988, but he didn’t leave until 1990. Distractify says that the killings kept going on in Jeffrey’s North 25th Street apartment at that time.

At the time, Catherine Dahmer did not know about her grandson’s crimes.

The Apartment Was Torn Down Later

In November 1992, the families of the people who died asked for Jeffrey’s apartment to be torn down. So, in a technical sense, it’s gone.

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