Sony Refuses to Share PS6 Information With Activision in the Event of Microsoft Deal

Sony Refuses to Share Ps6 Information With Activision in the Event of Microsoft Deal
Sony Refuses to Share Ps6 Information With Activision in the Event of Microsoft Deal
If Microsoft completes its takeover of Activision Blizzard, Sony says it will withhold information about its future system from the Call of Duty producer. Although the next platform, possibly the PS6, will not be available for some time, Sony is already planning for future hardware.
This was revealed during a deposition for Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard, in which Sony Interactive Entertainment chief Jim Ryan commented to the US Federal Trade Commission. Axios acquired an excerpt of the deposition from April 6, which included comments from Ryan indicating his reservations about the proposed takeover.
Have a look at the tweets that are given down below:

When questioned why SIE would no longer discuss private data about its next console and development after Microsoft acquired Activision, Ryan stated-

We simply could not run the risk of a company owned by a direct competitor having access to that information.”

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Later in the deposition, Ryan is asked about Microsoft’s acquisition of Mojang, the Minecraft developer. Much of this deposit section has been redacted, so it’s not entirely apparent. Still, Ryan appears to be concerned about collaborating with Microsoft-owned Mojang if Activision is also acquired.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard was stopped in the United Kingdom in April, leaving the deal uncertain. In May, it was reported that 37 countries had authorized the agreement, and earlier this month, a federal court issued a restraining order, effectively halting the deal. Regarding this article, if you have any doubt please tell us in the comments section. For further information, please see our website The Current Online.

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