Because Archive of Our Own is an open-source project that has a normal amount of downtime, which has an effect on the website because it is maintained by volunteers, you may be thinking, “Is AO3 down today?” and trying to determine the current server status. Feedback from our readers and formal remarks posted by Archive of Our Own volunteers or the developers behind this website will be added to this page as it becomes available.

If you enjoy reading the “Transformative Work” found at, but are currently having problems getting connected, then leave a status update below. Alternately, you might check to see if other people are reporting server failures to demonstrate that you are not the only one dealing with the current troubles.

Is AO3 Down Right Now

Regarding technological matters, our team has written up an article. The following links provide below:

Is AO3 down on Tuesday July 11, 2023? If this non-profit archive is currently experiencing problems, you will receive updates from our editors below. Of course, if we haven’t updated but the service is down, please post your own report as well.

AO3 tweeted that we apologize for any distress caused. You can check it out:

Update July 29: We learned about 4 a.m. UK time that the devs were looking into server problems. Later, we learned that the fix is “taking longer than expected” and that “all OTW servers are down,” and that they were calling their ISP for assistance.

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