Where is Alexee Trevizo Now? The Shock and Questions Surrounding the Tragedy

Where is Alexee Trevizo Now
Where is Alexee Trevizo Now

The 19-year-old New Mexico lady Alexis Trevizo has been in the news for days. A young mom is charged with murder for placing her newborn in a hospital waste bag.  In the meantime, Trevizo told the police that the infant was born deceased, but the autopsy report contradicted Alexee’s claims.

An autopsy refuted Trevio’s claims, concluding that the infant had oxygen in his lungs and lacked stillbirth-related defects.  Alexe Trez Their daughter is accused of murdering her newborn child by concealing it in a trash bag after giving birth in the hospital. To find out where Alexee Trevizo is currently, please continue down the page.

Is Alexee Trevizo Released From Jail?

Sadly, a 19-year-old Artesia woman was charged with first-degree murder for throwing her newborn infant in a hospital trashcan. She was unexpectedly released before trial.  Alexee Trevizo was released on a $100,000 unsecured bond by Eddy County District Judge David Finger.


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She is under particular conditions throughout this time. She can attend school and graduate. She must keep a 7 a.m.-7 p.m. curfew but is not forced to wear an ankle monitor or be housed. As a condition of her parole, Trevizo must attend counseling and can visit her family in Texas without court approval.

However, out-of-state travel beyond that requires court permission. Violation of these terms will result in her immediate return to jail pending trial. Trevizo awaits district court arraignment after her case was transferred from Artesia Magistrate Court. Police arrested her on May 10 after investigating a January Artesia General Hospital incident.

Authorities say her newborn was found dead in the garbage after she gave birth in a hospital bathroom. Trevizo faces first-degree murder and evidence tampering charges. Concerning the circumstances surrounding the incident. Despite a positive medical test, she denied pregnancy while seeking back pain therapy.

She locked herself in a bathroom for a long time before leaving. Cleaning employees found the bathroom covered in blood and the infant at 2:26 a.m., according to the criminal complaint. Trevizo said the kid died at birth.

The Office of the Medical Investigator’s autopsy found air in the baby’s lungs and no stillbirth deformities or injuries. The autopsy showed suffocation injuries after birth, complicating this tragic case.

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Where is Alexee Trevizo Now?

Alexee Trevizo, who is under home arrest with electronic monitoring, can now attend school. She only leaves her home for medical appointments or school. As the court proceedings progress, more details should illuminate the matter.

Trevizo’s house arrest location is unknown, however, it is likely near Artesia, New Mexico, where the alleged crime occurred. If a plea agreement is not reached, a trial may be held to determine her guilt.

Trevizo must attend school, receive counselling, and follow a curfew after posting a $100,000 unsecured bond on May 18, 2023. October 2, 2023, is her trial date. She may be living with her family in Artesia, New Mexico, though her precise residence is unknown. She can visit her relatives in Texas without court authorization.

Alexee Trevizo’s Parents: Meet Her Father and Mother

Mom and Dad are shocked by Alexee Trevizo’s actions. Trevizo is accused of killing her newborn, thus their identities have not been released. Since she was charged with murder, little is known about her parents. Reports say Trevizo’s mother accosted her.

Alexee Trevizo's Parents
Alexee Trevizo’s Parents

When asked about her pregnancy, she denied it at the emergency department for lower back pain. The young woman locked herself in a bathroom after a lab test confirmed her pregnancy. Hospital staff then nudged Trevizo to unlock the door.

Blood was found and treated by the nurse. A hospital team member noted the trash bag felt heavy during cleanup and found a dead newborn baby boy inside. Her unnamed mother knew about the pregnancy. She then asked her daughter to disclose the truth, but Alexee advised against crying.


Has Alexee Trevizo been released from jail?

Yes, Alexee Trevizo has been released from jail ahead of her trial.

When was Alexee Trevizo released from jail?

Alexee Trevizo was released from jail in Artesia, New Mexico, on May 17, 2023, following a hearing in front of a judge. She was granted a $100,000 unsecured bond and will be allowed to finish the school year.

What were the conditions of Alexee Trevizo’s release from jail?

Alexee Trevizo’s release includes certain restrictions, such as a curfew. However, she will be permitted to complete her school year and attend her graduation. She will not wear an ankle monitor and won’t be under house arrest.

What charges is Alexee Trevizo facing?

Alexee Trevizo is facing charges of first-degree murder and tampering with evidence.

Has Alexee Trevizo entered a plea in relation to the charges against her?

Yes, Alexee Trevizo has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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