Was Paul Alexander Married? Meet The Women Who Supported The Iron Lung Survivor For 65 Years!

Was Paul Alexander Married
Was Paul Alexander Married

With the recent passing of Paul Alexander, known as the ‘Man in the Iron Lung,’ people are curious about whether he was married or not. He passed away at 78 due to a COVID-related infection on March 11, 2024. Paul’s incredible story of resilience has touched many hearts. He was one of the last people living with an iron lung, defying medical odds and inspiring everyone around him.

Was Paul Alexander Married?

Now Paul Alexander was never married. He couldn’t marry Claire, who was going to be his wife, because Claire’s mother had doubts about him.

It is said that the man in the iron lung met his fiancée while he was a student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. Claire decided to be with Paul even though he had some health problems. It says a lot about her kind heart and willingness to help others.

Over time, their love grew, and they got engaged. But Claire’s mother didn’t want them to be together because of his health problems. Once, when he tried to call Claire, his mother answered the phone. She refused to allow him to talk to her, let alone marry her.

Alexander had admitted that the end of their relationship hurt him a lot, and it took him years to get over it. Though Paul didn’t get to marry Claire, he stayed positive no matter what life threw at him.

Was Paul Alexander Married
Was Paul Alexander Married

The Relationship Between Paul Alexander And Kathy Gaines

Alexander never got to marry Claire, the woman he was engaged to, but he found a home with Kathy Gaines, who took care of him. They were not a loving pair, though. Kathy had been taking care of Alexander since she graduated from law school, but she never married him.

Phil, Paul’s brother, said that their relationship was like a “marriage,” which shows how close they were and how much she loved and supported him. Being clear about what Paul wanted and needed had always come naturally to him. Although Kathy was more outspoken at times than he was, they finally worked things out.

Alexander’s health got worse in 2019 due to polio, so he had to stay at Clements Hospital in North Dallas. During that time, Kathy made sure she saw him every day, and everything went well for him.

Here is an official Facebook post:

She was more than just Alexander’s guardian. He always had her by his side and could count on her to comfort him. No matter what problems the polio survivor was having, she stayed in his life and always supported him.


  • When did Paul Alexander get polio?

Paul Alexander got polio when he was six years old, in 1952.

  • What year was Paul Alexander born?

His birthday is January 30, 1946, and he was born in Dallas, Texas, USA.

  • When did Paul Alexander’s autobiography come out?

The autobiography “Three Minutes for a Dog: My Life in an Iron Lung” by Paul Alexander came out in 2020.

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