Allisha Watts Autopsy Report Leaves Cause Of Death Undetermined!

Allisha Watts Autopsy Report
Allisha Watts Autopsy Report

The autopsy report for Allisha Watts is not clear because it says the cause of her death is “undetermined.” This revelation makes the circumstances of her death even more mysterious, leaving questions open and leading to speculation.

The autopsy was very detailed, but the exact cause of Allisha Watts’ death is still unknown. This is making both the police and the public want closure and explanation. Read on to find out everything!!

Allisha Watts’ Autopsy Report

The 39-year-old Moore County woman Allisha Watts went missing last summer and her body was found in Montgomery County. The cause of her death is still unknown.

Watts’ autopsy report, which was made public by the office of the North Carolina Chief Medical Examiner on Wednesday, says that the reason for her death is “undetermined.”

Check out the official tweet below:

The report summary says, “Given the scene findings, autopsy findings, and toxicological findings, as well as the fact that skeletonization makes it impossible to rule out other possible causes of death, the cause and manner of death, in this case, are best left as unknown.”

Allisha Watts' Autopsy Report
Allisha Watts’ Autopsy Report

The study talks about how Watts’ “severely decomposed” body made it hard to figure out how he died. The autopsy said that teeth records were used to identify her body.

People in Southern Pines last saw Watts alive on July 16 in Charlotte. An “unresponsive” guy was found inside her abandoned car in Anson County on July 19, the day after her family reported her missing.

It turned out that man was Watts’ boyfriend, James Dunmore. The autopsy report says that Watts’ body was found in a bush near Adams Circle in Candor, Montgomery County, on August 24. Dunmore was caught and charged with murder in the first degree.

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