Streamer Clawontwitch Banned From Twitch After Domestic Violence Accusations

clawontwitch girlfriend
clawontwitch girlfriend

The Twitch streamer ClawOnTwitch has been banned, and his Twitter account has been deleted after the YouTube streamer Steven “Destiny” Borell said he abused his partner.

Destiny was talking about streamers from Austin, Texas, and how he thought two of them were “schizophrenic” and “weird.”

He said that Clint Stevens and ClawOnTwitch were the two people he was talking about.

Destiny said that ClawOnTwitch had threatened to “leak” information about him, but he wasn’t worried because he didn’t have anything to hide. “If he keeps posting vague things about me, I’ll keep posting recordings of him beating the crap out of his girlfriend,” she said.

After The Destiny Scandal, Clawontwitch Was Taken Down

Destiny then played a recording of what he says is ClawOnTwitch being mean to an ex-partner on his YouTube stream. On the recording, a woman can be heard yelling and pleading, “Get off of me!”

After the accusations on social media, ClawOnTwitch spoke with Twitch streamer Chaeiry on her channel. Her partner Seventh, who is heard in the clip, also joined them.

Chaeiry told Claw, “You can hear violence in that clip.” Which prompts Claw to reply, “You heard violence?” Do you hear fighting? Are words an attack on you?

Claw says, “No, I have never been in a violent relationship, so I don’t know what violence sounds like.” Claw also said that he and his partner “consensually” hurt each other.

“Consensual violence is not violence. “Violence that is agreed upon is a whole different story,” said Claw. You can watch Claw and Sevinth’s conversation below. Keep in mind that the video talks about and shows domestic abuse.

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