Sergio Rico Health Update: What Happened to Him While Horse Riding?

Sergio Rico Health Update
Sergio Rico Health Update

Sergio Rico González is a well-known Spanish footballer noted for his remarkable goalkeeping abilities. He began his professional career at Sevilla, where his outstanding performances were crucial in earning two Europa League victories, contributing to almost 170 competitive matches. In 2019, he made a substantial transfer to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), initially on loan and securing a permanent contract with the club in 2020.

Rico’s talent also extended to the international scene, as he made his senior debut for Spain in 2016, the same year he was named to Spain’s European Championship squad. His fantastic career trajectory has cemented his place as a prominent personality in football. So, are you curious about what happened to Sergio Rico? Here is everything you need to know.

Sergio Rico Health Update

On August 18, 2023, Sergio Rico was discharged from the hospital, marking nearly three months since the incident that caused a head injury due to an encounter with a loose horse. His journey towards recovery continues, with several more months anticipated before he can resume his role in football.

In a statement shared via social media, Rico expressed his gratitude for being alive and acknowledged the unwavering support of his family, friends, and fans. He affirmed his steadfast commitment to achieving a complete recovery.

The incident involving Rico unfolded on May 28, 2023, during his participation in an annual pilgrimage in the El Rocio region of Spain. He sustained a severe head injury after being trampled by a horse. Rapidly transported to a Seville hospital, he underwent surgery and was placed in a medically induced coma.

Sergio Rico Health Update
Sergio Rico Health Update

Although Rico left the hospital on August 18, 2023, his recovery continues. Multiple months are projected for him to regain the necessary strength and mobility to rejoin the football world. The ongoing rehabilitation efforts have been pivotal in his gradual progress.

Providing regular updates on his condition via social media, Rico’s wife, Alba Silva, has conveyed his positive state and determination to achieve complete recovery.

Sergio Rico, a distinguished Spanish football professional, is a goalkeeper for Paris Saint-Germain and the Spanish national team. His career encompasses prior engagements with groups like Sevilla, Fulham, and Villarreal.

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What Happened to Sergio Rico?

Sergio Rico was killed in a horse riding accident on May 28, 2023, while participating in an annual pilgrimage in Spain’s El Rocio region. He was crushed by a horse and sustained severe head injuries. He was taken to a hospital in Seville and placed in an induced coma after surgery.

Rico was released from the hospital on August 18, 2023, but he is still recovering and cannot play football for some months. He is receiving rehabilitation and is gradually regaining strength and movement.

Alba Silva, Rico’s wife, has posted regular updates on his status on social media. She has stated that he is “doing well” and is “determined” to complete his rehabilitation.

Rico was in the midst of a successful season with Paris Saint-Germain when he was involved in the accident. He’d been the club’s first-choice goalkeeper since the beginning of the season and helped them win Ligue 1.

Rico’s injury serves as a reminder of the risks associated with horseback riding. It is critical to be aware of the risks and take action to keep safe. If you intend to go horseback riding, wear a helmet and be alert. In addition, you should ride with a trained teacher. Stay tuned for more updates, The Current Online.


What is Sergio Rico’s full name?

His full name is Sergio Rico González.

When was Sergio Rico born?

Sergio Rico was born on September 1, 1993.

Where is Sergio Rico from?

Sergio Rico is from Seville, Spain.

What is Sergio Rico’s height?

Sergio Rico is 1.95 meters tall.

What is Sergio Rico’s weight?

Sergio Rico weighs 90 kilograms.

What is Sergio Rico’s playing position?

Sergio Rico is a goalkeeper.

What clubs has Sergio Rico played for?

Sergio Rico has played for Sevilla, Manchester United, and Paris Saint-Germain.

What is Sergio Rico’s international career like?

Sergio Rico has made 13 appearances for the Spain national team.

What is Sergio Rico’s injury status?

Sergio Rico suffered a brain haemorrhage in May 2023 and is currently recovering. His return to action is unknown.

What is Sergio Rico’s net worth?

It is estimated that Sergio Rico’s net worth is around 5 million dollars.

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