Cedric Beastie Jones Cause Of Death: Uncover The Untold Story of His Final Days

Cedric Beastie Jones Cause Of Death
Cedric Beastie Jones Cause Of Death

Cedric “Beastie” Jones was renowned for his duties as an actor and personal trainer. He tragically died at the age of 46. Beyond his professional accomplishments, he was a devoted husband and father and an inspiration to many.

Cedric enjoyed a prosperous career in both the entertainment industry and as a personal trainer. He appeared in numerous films and television programs, including “The Magnificent Seven” and “The Terminal List,” in which he co-starred with actor Chris Pratt, his close friend.

Cedric’s extraordinary journey included a period of homelessness in Compton, California, which he surmounted with the assistance of kind strangers and ultimately led to his success in Hollywood and the fitness world.

His fans, friends, and family, who remembered him as a loving, inspiring, and generous individual, were stunned and saddened by his passing. To learn more about Cedric Beastie Jones’s cause of death, continue down the page.

Cedric Beastie Jones Cause Of Death

Cedric “Beastie” Jones, a 46-year-old actor and boxer, has died. Beastie Boxing, his employer, announced his passing on October 16; however, the precise cause of death is still unknown.

Cedric was not only well-known for his appearances in films such as “Emancipation” and “The Terminal List,” but he was also a dedicated husband, a loving father, and a source of inspiration to many.

The Beastieboxing Instagram post can be seen below:

Through his work with Beastie Boxing and the BMoved Foundation, he has committed his life to assisting individuals in becoming the best versions of themselves, both in and out of the gym. His wife, Barbie Jones, and their three children, Brooklyn, Braxton, and Bryston, will appreciate his memory and legacy.

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Cedric Beastie Jones Career Highlights

Jones’ acting career began in 2013 with a role in the short film Fight Your Way Out. After that, he appeared in a number of films and television shows, including Southpaw (2015), The Magnificent Seven (2016), Princess of the Row (2019), Hold’em (2020), and The Terminal List (2021).

His most recent efforts include Antoine Fuqua’s Emancipation (2022) and The Terminal List (2021). Will Smith plays a runaway slave who joins the Union Army during the Civil War in the historical drama Emancipation. The Terminal List is a thriller series based on Jack Carr’s novel of the same name, starring Chris Pratt as a Navy SEAL who discovers a conspiracy following a devastating ambush.

On Instagram, Fuqua paid tribute to Jones, calling him “my good brother and friend” and “the light in the room and on the set.” He also posted a video of Jones praying and thanking God for his life, family, and career.

Fans’ Reactions

Many fans of Jones took to social media to express their condolences and admiration for him. Some of them praised his acting skills and charisma, while others thanked him for his motivational and inspirational messages. Here are some of the tweets from his fans:

RIP, Cedric Beastie Jones. You were amazing in The Terminal List. Such a loss for the industry and the world.” [@jasonmiller]

I’m heartbroken to hear about Cedric Beastie Jones’ passing. He was such a positive and uplifting person. I loved watching his videos on Instagram. He always made me smile and encouraged me to work hard.” [@sarahlee]

Cedric Beastie Jones was one of my favorite actors. He had such a presence and energy on screen. I was looking forward to seeing him in emancipation. Rest in peace, champ.” [@kevinbrown]


Talented actor and boxer Cedric “Beastie” Jones created a legacy of love, inspiration, and giving. His family, friends, admirers, and colleagues remember him despite his unexplained death. Sadly missed and forever adored.

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