Adobe Firefly Ai Wants To Take On Bing Chat And Dominating The Market

Adobe Firefly Ai Wants To Take On Bing Chat

With Bing AI and Co-Pilot bringing AI to Windows 11, it might need to monitor what Adobe is cooking up. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become Adobe’s main focus for its apps in just a few months. Its AI platform, Firefly, is now part of its Creative Cloud suite of apps, like the creative color scheme in Illustrator.

AI is getting better and better, so there are more and more things it can do. On June 14, at its “Max on Tour” event in London, it showed a significant update to its web-based Express suite that could convince Windows users to use this instead of Bing AI. Aakash Gupta Tweeted Adobe’s Video clip about its latest AI Feature.

You can See His Tweet along with that Video Clip Below:

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There Is Artificial Intelligence In The Air

For those who don’t know, Adobe Express is a web-based suite where you can make social media posts, videos, menus, posters, and now material made by AI. If you went to Adobe’s MAX London event on June 14, Firefly was shown off in this new version of Express. It boasted a faster interface, easier ways to export and update content, and the fact that Firefly could correctly make backgrounds and objects.

Adobe Firefly Ai Wants To Take On Bing Chat

Watching a dog in a spacesuit get made while the two speakers chose from some supernovas to move into Photoshop and save as a file was interesting. Adobe stressed that all the material that Firefly was using came from its own Adobe Stock package. Many artists can get credit and money for their work thanks to a system that Adobe is working on.

It’s a good start, and while some requests still don’t quite hit the mark, Adobe let everyone know that Firefly should be used as a tool, not as the only way to make a project from start to finish. Seeing all of this and how Firefly is being added to Microsoft’s other apps makes me think the company still has much to do in this area.

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