Alix Earle Net Worth: The TikTok Star With The Midas Touch

Alix Earle Net Worth
Alix Earle Net Worth

Alix Earle is a well-known TikTok star, social media influencer, model, and entrepreneur who has accumulated a massive fan base and wealth through viral videos and endorsements.

She is also renowned for the “Alix Earle Effect,” which implies that anything she supports or utilizes on her social media platforms immediately sells out. But who is Alix Earle, and how did she become so successful? Here’s some information about her life, profession, and net worth.

Early Life and Education

Alix Earle was born in New Jersey, United States, on December 16, 2000. She is the daughter of Thomas Earle, the founder and CEO of Earle Construction, a national construction firm.

Her younger brother, Thomas Earle Jr., is also a TikTok star. Alix was a cheerleader and track and field athlete at Red Bank Catholic High School in New Jersey. She graduated in 2019 and is now studying for a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing at the University of Miami.

Full Name: Alix Ashley Earle
Real Name: Alix Ashley Earle
Gender: Female
Birth Date: December 16, 2000
Age: 22 years old (as of 2023)
Parents: Thomas TJ Earle and Alisa Earle; Stepmother: Ashley Alexandra Dupré
Siblings: Ashtin Earle (younger sister) and three other younger siblings
Birth Place: Monmouth County, New Jersey, U.S.
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Not specified
Graduated from Red Bank Catholic High School in 2019 and the University of Miami Patti and Allan Herbert Business School with a degree in marketing in May 2023
Marital Status: Unmarried
Sexual Orientation: Not specified
Wife/Spouse: N/A
Children: None
Dating: Rumored to be dating NFL player Braxton Berrios as of July 2023
Net Worth: Estimated to be $7 million in 2023
Source of Wealth: Social media personality, TikTok star, sponsorship deals

TikTok Career and Fame

Alix started her TikTok account in 2018 and soon gained popularity with her lip-sync dance, comedy, and lifestyle videos. She has collaborated with many famous singers and celebrities, such as Drake, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Addison Rae.


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She has also appeared on popular podcasts, such as Call Her Daddy and The BFFs Podcast. Alix has over 18 million followers and over 1.2 billion likes on TikTok, making her one of the most followed and liked creators on the platform.

She is also active on other social media platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat, where she has millions of followers and subscribers. Alix is known for her influence on consumer behavior, as she has the power to make any product or brand go viral with her recommendations or reviews.

This phenomenon is called the “Alix Earle Effect,” and the Harvard Business Review and other publications have studied it. Some of the products and brands that have benefited from her effect are Revlon, Fenty Beauty, Glossier, Lululemon, Nike, and Starbucks.

Modeling and Business Ventures

Alix is not just a social media sensation, but also a model and entrepreneur. She has appeared in magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Elle. She has also inked contracts with several fashion and cosmetics companies, including Calvin Klein, Dior, Chanel, and Sephora.

Alix is also a business owner, having developed her own apparel, jewelry, and perfume lines. She also has an interest in Earle Construction, her family’s construction company, where she works as a marketing intern. She has also made investments in businesses and real estate.

Personal Life and Relationships

Alix is now single and has not disclosed any information about her previous or current relationships. She keeps her personal life secret and chooses to concentrate on her profession and studies. She is also very close to her family and friends, and she frequently includes photos of them on her social media posts.

Alix is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys working out and eating a healthy diet. She is also a travel enthusiast who appreciates discovering new locations and cultures. She has traveled to several places, including France, Italy, Spain, and Japan.

Alix Earle Net Worth

Alix Earle’s net worth is believed to be $6 million, owing mostly to her strong presence on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. She also runs her own YouTube channel, which adds to her earnings.


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Earle comes from a wealthy family, which contributes to her social media popularity. Her parents are Thomas “TJ” Earle, vice president of the Earle Constructions family business, and Alisa Earle. The 22-year-old actress is presently interning as a marketing intern at Earle Constructions to expand her expertise of marketing and advertising.

Earle’s fame has skyrocketed on social media in 2023, proving that the year 2023 has been outstanding for her. She was profiled in Forbes magazine, started a scholarship fund, and appeared in magazines such as E! News, OutKick, and Dexerto.

Working with celebrities and influencers regularly has allowed her to widen her network and bring insights into other industries. She appears to be here to stay on the social media influencer landscape.

A look at Alix Earle TikTok earnings

According to sources, Alix Earle charges between $40,000 and $70,000 for a brand deal. Her rate is determined by the brand she is collaborating with and the amount of work required to create the content.

In addition, Earle has been rumored to charge up to $100,000 for a post. These are impressive figures, and she makes good use of her millions of fans on the short content app.

Alix Earle Parents Net Worth

Thomas “TJ” Earle, Alix Earle’s father, is a successful businessman and construction firm CEO. His net worth is expected to be around $15 million in 2024.

Thomas Earle has worked for the Earle family’s New Jersey-based road construction company, which has been in existence since 1968 and earns an estimated $24.1 million in sales per year. Thomas is well-known in the construction industry and has helped his family’s firm develop through strong management and marketing methods.

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