What Is Paul Skenes Net Worth In 2024? It Might Surprise You!

Paul Skenes Net Worth
Paul Skenes Net Worth

Many people know Paul Skenes from college baseball because he has been so good this season. He was in the running for the Golden Spikes Award and was picked very high in the 2023 MLB draft.

Skenes, who is 6 feet 6 inches tall and 247 pounds, has been doing great on the mound. During his first two years of college, he threw for the Air Force Falcons. For his third year, he switched teams and played for the LSU Tigers. In this article, we will tell you how much net worth does the baseball star has!!

What Is Paul Skenes’ Net Worth?

Paul Skenes is thought to have a net worth of $2.36 million, but he gives some of the money that comes from his name, image, and likeness to charity. He said, “I wanted to give back because the military has been such a big piece for me. Coach Mike Kazlausky was like immediately, ‘Do folds for the honor.'” 

Because he was so good in the 2023 College World Series, his net worth should keep going up as long as the LSU Tigers keep trying to win the national title.

What Is Paul Skenes' Net Worth?
What Is Paul Skenes’ Net Worth?

Is Paul Skenes Dating Olivia Dunne?

Fans have noticed some hints in Dunne’s social media posts that make it look like she might be dating Paul Skenes, but she hasn’t said for sure.

Dunne shared a Snapchat picture of herself wearing a Pirates hat and another picture that shows that she was in Bradenton, Florida, which is where Skenes began his career with the FCL Pirates. A lot of people on the internet noticed the parallels.

A Twitter post is given below:

The internet also saw something even more telling in one of the pictures: a baseball glove. The stitching on the glove shows that it’s the same brand Skenes used at LSU. Dunne’s most recent Snapchat story, which she posted on August 12, showed her in Bradenton and said, “Good to be back!” This added fuel to the dating rumors.

Another tweet is mentioned for your perusal:

On August 15, Dunne went to Skenes’ first game with the High-A Bradenton Marauders, which seemed to be a step closer to them making it official.

The last few weeks’ events weren’t the first signs of a link between Dunne and Skenes. During LSU’s run to the national title in June, Dunne openly supported the team. Dunne went all the way to Omaha to cheer on Skenes and the team during the College World Series.

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