Nicki Minaj Has Teased “Freaky Girl,” But The Full Song Has Not Yet Been Released.

Freaky Girl Nicki Minaj Release Date Status
Freaky Girl Nicki Minaj Release Date

Nicki Minaj is the only person who could shut down Twitter without even trying. The rapper put up a short clip of her new song “Freaky Girl,” and the internet is already crazy about it. In less than 24 hours, the video of Minaj dancing to her unreleased song has gotten over 1.5 million views and hundreds of comments from people who can’t wait to hear the full track. Because the song sounds like it was made in the 1980s, some fans think that “Freaky Girl” is the start of the rapper’s long-awaited return to pop.

From what we’ve noticed so far, “Freaky Girl” uses a part of “Super Freak,” Rick James’ 1981 number-one hit. Minaj’s version is just as fun, but s*xier and more sure of herself. After all, the “Anaconda” rapper is used to writing lyrics that are sensual.

When James sings  “She’s alright / That girls alright with me,” her verse starts. She makes music, “I can lick it/I can ride it while you slip and slide it,” over a remixed beat. She then goes on to talk about how good she is.  “I can do all the little tricks / You can smack it you can grip it you can go down and kiss it,” she says, “Every time he leaves me ‘lone he always tell me he misses me / He wanna F, R, E A K.”

The song is getting a lot of attention on Twitter, and people are praising Minaj’s creative skills. One account said, “What makes Nicki different from everyone else is that she knows a lot about music and hip hop. Rick James had a big impact on hip hop, which is not a big surprise. HE ALONE COULD DO IT. #NickiFreakyGirl.” Minaj has also been retweeting what fans have said about her. She just posted a glowing review from another Twitter user that said,  “Freaky Girl is already #1 in my house and my car. I can’t stop playing the snippet! Help!!! @NickiFreakyGirl.”

Minaj is also happy about how well the song has done on Instagram. This afternoon, she shared a short clip from Twitter when the hashtag #NickiFreakyGirl was trending at number one and then at number two. Even though the short preview of the song was a huge hit, the rapper has not said when the song will be out. Until then, we’ll play the preview over and over again. You can join us and watch the “Freaky Girl” trailer below.

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